It’s amazing what can show up when you ask what else is possible — like these boys in a small floating village in Thailand did. They dreamed of playing football but didn’t have even an inch of soil to work with. Watch how they turned this ‘impossibility’ into a dream come true.

What would you choose if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you create if you had the point of view that absolutely nothing is impossible?

Do you ever feel alone?

April 7, 2014 — 1 Comment


Do you ever feel alone? There have been times when I couldn’t see who is supporting me. At those times, it “feels” like I’m alone.

What if that actually isn’t true? What if there is something way greater having your back?

When I feel this way, I ask the Universe to show me who has my back.

Universe please show me something beautiful today!

And every time I do this, things change.

Here’s an audio clip from the latest Limitless Living call with a clearing to run for those times…

What contribution can the Universe and this beautiful planet be for you today?

- Dain

For 35 years, Raimundo lived amongst garbage on the streets in São Paulo, Brazil, writing poetry every day.

“Damned is the man who abandons himself. These six words show that the worse the situation is…Never, ever should a man consider it lost.” – The Conditioned

Befriended by a young woman who wanted to make Raimundo’s dream come true of publishing his poetry; what happened next was a miracle neither one of them could have predicted.

The Conditioned from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

What would be possible for the world if we all chose to act on the impulse of kindness, even when it seems all is lost?

What if that impulse of kindness is actually our awareness of what is truly possible here, beyond the conclusions of this reality?

What world could we create if we always, always chose to function from what else is possible?



Ever feel like you were confined or defined by the world around you? Yeah, me too. I used to feel like there were walls all around me that were keeping me locked inside. 14 years ago, I had so little sense of choice and possibility that I didn’t see a reason to live.  If you’ve ever been in a place like this, you will know what I mean…


Here is an audio about that:

Then I learned how to destroy and uncreate those walls of limitation that felt like an electric fence surrounding me at all times. Not only that but I learned that it’s possible to create so far beyond those walls that nothing and no one could limit me again.

What if you, too have far more capacities than you’ve been willing to know?

Now- here’s my awareness of how reality actually works…and why I do what I do today.

What I’m interested in is YOU being YOU. And that you know there’s hope. That you know there is a world beyond the confines of limitation and judgment. Would you be interested in that too?

- Dain

You Can’t Eat Beauty

March 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

What can be more beautiful than someone saying what really is?

Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o won the Essence Magazine Black Women In Hollywood Breakthrough Performance Award and in her speech she talks about what beauty really is with a clarity, brilliance and true caring that renders the audience speechless.

When you show up as the beauty you truly be, you’re changing the world.


Here in our world, there is meanness. There are judgments. There are acts of violence and evil and hatred.

It’s not necessarily what we’d like, but it does exist.

My question to you is:

Are you willing to go beyond this?

Do you know that kindness, caring, and gratitude are energies that you can choose at any moment? That’s right, you can choose.

Do you realize that choosing to go beyond the value of judgment changes the world?

Here’s another question for you:

What gift are you that you have not been acknowledging?

My target is for you to realize the gift you are. Here’s an audio clip I hope contributes to that, even just for today:

- Dain

What if rather than going back to the past as significant, trying to figure it out, re-create it or make it better…. you would allow yourself to move forward to possibilities of what CAN exist? Your history will always be the creation of limitation of your future, not an invitation to the possibility of the future that can exist.

Listen in to a 5-minute audio clip from the first Limitless Living telecall here!

Who and what could be a contribution to the future you really desire that you haven’t been willing to recieve from – until now?

-Dain Heer