What Is Consciousness?

October 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Consciousness is where everything exists and nothing is judged.   Now, if you take that one sentence and actually apply it to the practicalities of living on this planet right now, apply it to the practicalities of your life, it’s the one element that will change everything.

We’ve been taught is to live in the world of answer and conclusion where anything that doesn’t match this reality is excluded.

This is an invitation to a different way of functioning — from awareness.

When you are functioning from awareness you can truly perceive, receive and know what actually is in a situation.  You can be aware of everything that is going on – and anytime you’re aware of what’s actually going on you can address what’s actually there.  The key is that we come out of conclusion about what the answer is, about what consciousness feels like, about what growth feels like…

Consciousness is the willingness to be aware of everything, connected to everything and have where everything gets to exist without being judged.  One of the things that consciousness allows you to do is actually allow you to be with you no matter where you are and never have to judge it.

Consciousness exists in every molecule in the universe, every molecule of your body has consciousness, every molecule of your clothing has consciousness, every molecule in the universe has consciousness, every molecule on earth has consciousness, every plant, every animal, every tree has consciousness. Our choices collectively change our world.

What do you choose?

– Dr Dain Heer

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