The Beacon for The Kingdom of We – is YOU

October 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

What would be different if we lived on a planet that was functioning from and embracing consciousness? Well… pretty much everything! 

We would live according to something that I call The Kingdom of We that allows everything and everyone to exist, no one to be judged and everyone and everything to be included in every choice that is made.

Your criterion for choice would stop being “Is this right or wrong?”  or,  “What will I get out of this?” Instead, your criterion for choice would be your awareness that you are in connection with every molecule in the Universe. You would ask yourself.  “Okay! So, is this going to create more for me and every molecule in the universe or less?”  And if it created more, you would choose it. We would all be choosing according to that.

Now here’s the interesting thing, the animals, the plants, the trees and the natural processes already choose according to The Kingdom of We. As an example (a real simple one) one of the things scientists have discovered is that when rabbits know it’s going to be a scarce year for food next year, they stop copulating; they stop having babies so there will be enough food for everyone. They’re willing to have that awareness and choose from it.

If we also were to function from there, you would see a wholesale change across the entire planet, changing everything that now seems entirely impossible to that which is totally possible.

So, when you, in your own world, have an awareness of a possibility, a space that is available, a connection we can all have then be with it!. Don’t kill it or shove it away. Be with it. Then ask a question like, “What would it take for this to show up in our world?” By that you inspire the few people that might also desire that and know it should exist, but have decided it can’t be because no one else is being it.  And then they come along and they are, like, “Wait a minute, maybe it is possible” ’cause they notice you being it.

Now you are two. You’re no longer the only one holding it and you’re not the only one being it. Now you’re contributing to each other. Now it grows.  And now it’s easier for the third person who desires this connection to actually embrace it, because two people being it creates the resonance, of this is possibility, that can exist. Suddenly, you are three and now it starts to become a beacon for the other people that desire it.

So, what I would ask of you is, please, be willing to be the possibility, the resonance and the beacon of what you’ve always hoped the world could be. The people that desire it will find you!

Together, we can contribute to creating a far greater world than what currently exists. Ask, “What can I be or do different today to create a sustainable living Earth for all of us for the next 10,000 years?”

Would that change your perspective on your current money situation?
Would it change your perspective on your current relationship situation?
Would that actually revolutionize your perspective about what you’re here to contribute and be to the world?

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