What if you were willing to know what is really going on?

October 11, 2013 — 3 Comments

What if you were willing to be aware of what is REALLY going on? Would you’re life be easier? Would the world have more possibility of…changing?

I am not sure if you noticed, but the world is changing quite rapidly… And when you choose and demand more awareness, you will also be more aware of everything going on around you. That can make your head spin at times. Anyone notice that? Now, what if that is a good thing? What if you were willing to be totally present with everything and spin with it?

One of the things with consciousness is that it actually gives you a sense of presence, a sense of peace and a sense of space. That is one of the big changes a lot of people notice after starting using the Access tools. It doesn’t mean that things are “still” though. In consciousness, nothing is concluded or done, it keeps changing and moving.

People often mistake the idea that consciousness is what we’ve been told in spirituality and metaphysics, where the greatest aim is to be grounded, calm and still —  as though that is “being”.  This is not being, that is just one tiny, tiny aspect of it!

They key, and what the tools of Access offers, is the capacity to be totally present, and not check out. You actually want to be aggressively present with everything around you. You want to have an awareness of whatever is going on and you want to be able to address anything with whatever energy is required to create whatever you want to create, or change in the situation. Aggressive means that no one can take that presence away; in other words, you choose to stay there, being you, no matter what situation you’re in.

And that very presence is also what allows things to happen for more quickly than you ever thought possible. It gives you the capacity to function as the speed of space, within the spinning of the world. What if you started to ask: What space can I be to accomplish this in the ease and speed I truly be?

What could we all create then?

– Dain Heer

3 responses to What if you were willing to know what is really going on?


    I’ve experienced some phenomenal awareness and results this past week by somehow being in alignment with this outlook. How does it get even better than this?!? Loving getting these messages in my inbox. I so dearly appreciate you and the Access tools and all that you do!


    To make it short – this video-clip tests very low on the scale of consciousness!

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