The Most Undoubted Thing

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    Hi Dain

    I just watched that video and was immediately struck by writing and talk on action. Only this morning I asked about action and how much it implements life. Yeah the doing I know assists to create the being I am…the is’ing being I am. What’s it going to take me to charge into action now? I feel a Lindy bit trapped at mo. yet always living in the question and with that creating wow am I creating. Yet yes now mmm I not sure all of a sudden again. Fuk for what reason am I going back to this place? Blah blah blah. Loved viewing that talk. Thanks Dain.

    Love U guys.

    Ps regardless of what I just wrote I am wakeing up to a whole lot of awesomeness that is me xx so much thanks to you and Gary xxx


    Hi. Like like like this koncept/awareness. I now much better understand things that have occurred in the past. And it’s wonderful knowing there are people out there that have felt some of this energy stuff. Thank You! makes life easier!


    I love you Dain, you are so great! Thank you for doing all this! See you in November in Tampa!


    What a great dream theme!


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