How your thoughts can create, or cure disease

October 29, 2013 — 4 Comments

In this video, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how he looks at the idea of your thoughts, and the thoughts of those around you, can directly influence the state of your health.

Below is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Incredibly, the expression of your genes are even affected by your thinking.

Imagine having the power to control your own health destiny right now — from the moment you wake up in the morning through the moment you fall asleep.

Well this is not a fairy tale. This is reality. This fascinating new field breaks you free from the misguided belief that your genes control you. In reality, your genes are merely storage facilities, and they have no intelligence whatsoever. What IS important, however, is the expression of your genes.

Your Mind Can Create, or CURE, Disease. Your mind doesn’t care which one. You can think of your body as a blank page, waiting for you to tell it what to do. Unfortunately, your body is not set to some magical “good” default so that it will automatically convert all your thoughts to a beneficial result. It is completely neutral to the outcome, and only you can control the signals.”

What if you’re the one creating your reality?

4 responses to How your thoughts can create, or cure disease


    I’ve been aware of epigenetics and Dr. Bruce Lipton for some years. Thanks for this EXCELLENT brief intro….especially for his exposition of “a prophet having no honor in his own town”. I can share this with many. Hdigebtt?!? Thanks so much for these posts….the synchronicity of each one with my living is remarkable (or not!). weip?!?


    LOVE what Bruce Lipton says about DNA…it waits in the nucleus to be told what to do, & all the decisions & directions take place on the cell surface, as result of interaction w/ the cell’s environment. And the most powerful aspect of environment is Thought. Yes!


    As a geneticist, I now work as an epigeneticist, all because I was inspired by Bruce Lipton’s work. I loved so much what he shared that it inspired me to share the message he shares with a wider audience by creating an animated video that explains what epigenetics is in a very simple manner.
    Here’s the link:
    Hdigbtt!! 🙂

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