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Bruze Springsteen

Recently Gary Douglas and I did a telecall series on Intimacy and we had a conversation about creating the future from a totally different place. I wonder, how much of the future are you creating is based on the hurts and regrets of your past? One thing we discovered is that looking at your past can be like putting heavy weights on your arms and legs and trying to walk forward.

What if the future is actually a space, not a time? What if the future is actually based on whisps of energy that you can direct to create a result? Say, what??

Check this out. Anytime you go to the past, you connect back into this reality. If you would like to go beyond this reality to create a future that is different, one thing that’s required is to let go of the past.

How do you do that?

Here’s a 2.5 minute audio clip with a clearing that may assist:

What future possibilities are available to you now?

-Dain Heer