A Judgment Free Day

November 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

A Judgment Free Day. What is that?

You choosing to be a living, walking invitation to a different possibility by not judging anything or anyone? Or YOU? for one whole day.

What could that change in the world? In your world?

This is my attempt to give you the energy of that…

Now, remember, you can only have this ONE day! That is all that is allowed. Like Cinderella… One day of ease, joy, glory and no judgment and then you’ll turn into a pumpkin!

Ok, you can have it one more day…but only if you’re willing to be THAT DIFFERENT.

So what would you like to choose now?

– Dain Heer


2 responses to A Judgment Free Day


    I love love love love this!!!
    One idea that is not leaving me is to have a global annual no judgement day!
    Imagine the potency of that! What would it take?
    What is a good date? Will you join me in making it happen?
    How much fun can we have?

    Love Jo


    Thank you Dain, I was brought to that a couple of days ago.. I saw what it would do in this reality and saw what was going on in this reality and went into it without judgement and pure vulnerability and asked what else is possible here that I have not considered yet, that if I considered will change my life with total ease. Thank you for You Being You. You are Awesome.

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