What lens are you looking through?

November 6, 2013 — 7 Comments

What if every day had a moment like this joy of the very first swim in the ocean?

One of the things that we tend to do is trying to translate ourselves into normal, average and real. Meaning, we look at ourselves and our lives through the lens of this reality and make sure we’re not too much or too joyful. The lens is made in a way that only allows you to focus on what makes you different and then translate that as…wrong.

Through that lens it is next to impossible to know what is actually true for you.

Here’s a simple suggestion to change this:

No matter how busy you are, take a half an hour out of your day for you. Maybe you have to start to wake up 30 minutes earlier, or go to bed 30 minutes later… Just start taking 30 minutes for you.

What you do during this time isn’t important. Maybe you read, do something completely new, meditate or watch something on TV that makes you laugh.

What is important is that you take this time and that you choose what is contributive to you, disregarding everybody else’s point of view! There is no right and no wrong for these 30 min. You know what you really require and desire today. And only you do.

When your entire life is lived for and through other people, there is no energy and space from which to create something that’s greater for you and the people around you.

So turn the lens around! Take 30 min a day to shift the lens from the judgments of this reality to the space of ‘I know more is possible‘.

That is the start of creating the life you truly desire and the future you know is possible – for you, for people around you and for the world.

Now, get into the water! 🙂

– Dain Heer

7 responses to What lens are you looking through?


    Great Post! I love it!




    Thanks so much for the call today, total awesomeness!


    Couldn’t you just FEEL the delight! 🙂


    Still laughing :-D…heartwarming Joy and so easy to relate to…It reminds me of my first swim at Zuma :-D!



    What would it take to be the space and joy of me regardless of what anyone else is choosing?

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