What if what triggers you is what also sets you free?

November 8, 2013 — 5 Comments

Do you ever feel like just as you start to soar, something comes up, you get distracted and stop moving forward.  It is like something gets triggered that gets you to automatically turn in the other direction.

It is usually when you start to truly fly far beyond your limitations that you’ll create the triggers. That way you have a reason to run back to what seem more comfortable, normal, average and real for you.

So what else is possible?

The first step is to recognize these triggers for what they are. Then, when they show up, you know and you have a possibility to shut off the auto-pilot.

One way to do this is to go another direction completely from what you’ve always done before, the automatic reaction. By doing that, you will break free in a way that was not possible before.

For example, in the face of criticism, instead of buying it as true, what if you started to ask; What is brilliant about me that I’m not getting?

Listen to a 3 min clip from the second call in the Awareness Revolution Tele Series for more!

What if you, making a different choice in the face of your triggers, is what would actually set you free?

– Dain Heer

5 responses to What if what triggers you is what also sets you free?


    I love the moment when a question comes to mind for me to ask, and that sensation of everything moving a nd shifting to make way for more than I could ever imagine!! I stop looking after myself and become completely rundown and sick whenever I soar and shine for any length of time. Thankfully I now soar and shine more brightly and allow myself to do this with ease and without judgement and without looking for acknowledgement (yay!!!) – but . . . . Lucky I’m cute hey? How do you push through, find a question, get yourself past these points? I’m funnilky enough sitting here with a stuffy head etc in “post shine” (what would it look like for me to never have this again???) and so desire to be shiny!
    Hugs, ease, joy and glory 🙂


    Not sure what I’m replying to, but I’m sure that each time we change, each time we let go of the citadel of the mind, new horizons open up and our consciousness flows. With every expansion of consciousness, more people are awakened until we reach critical mass, and have a total paradigm shift. I see it happening with more and more people. I see it in the brilliance emanating from babies’ faces, I see it in nature. I feel it in my heart. In the midst of the government closedown, John Lennon’s “Imagine” came on the radio. It moved me so deeply I thought, Imagine a worldwide concert at the same time all over the world of “Imagine.” It’s not impossible. Shall we go for it?


    Oh my god, i looove this! thanks!!!

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