What If Uncomfort is Not Wrong?

November 20, 2013 — 19 Comments

Do you have uncomfortable days sometimes? Days when consciousness and awareness just seem to make things harder instead of easier?

Do you ever make yourself wrong those days? And try to go back to that “old” space that used to be more comfortable…

Please don’t!

When things seem difficult, that is often when you’re awareness is growing and has the capacity to carve out a completely new space!

What if at those times you would ask: What if this is the change I am asking for, showing up in a completely different way than I thought it would?

What if instead of going backwards at these times, you could run forward, faster, going beyond the uncomfort and discover what is on the other side: a new bliss of being.

– Dain Heer

19 responses to What If Uncomfort is Not Wrong?


    My goodness gracious great balls o’ fire! I had onenna them days yesterday, including body feeling older than old….and I totally got exactly what this fabulous vid is sayin’..and today…well hard to stay up with all the amazing moving ahead in all areas of my reality racing ahead today! Whew!!! How does it get even better than this?!? And the support received from 2 Access facilitators’ online calls today…. then this from you! The Access community’s generosity is BEYOND! And I am so grateful!(Wondering if this vid was shot in Texas? So green!) Watip?!? RAL*

    Rick Herranz SR. November 21, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Thanks dain
    You give me hope and encouragement. , thanks brother you are a light for me


    So in time! Thank you!!!


    Thank you, Dain!!!!
    This is so timely. ..exactly where I am. I thought something was wrong with me. I will run faster…. Thank You!!!


    So timely and brilliant, THANK YOU! Am going through some really uncomfortable times at the mo, and am so grateful I saw this video, as it makes me feel less separate 🙂 Starting to understand what trusting myself means, and not making the uncomfy feeling wrong. Thanks!


    Fun Fact: Dain, when you asked “Is this the change I’ve been asking for showing up in a different way then I thought it would?” right at the 2:16 mark the red traffic light right above your head turned Green! hahaha 😉


    I love how things show up right when I’m ready to hear & listen… stopping making myself wrong NOW! Thank you for showing up and being this voice.


    Wow. I have been going though this A LOT lately. Good and happy days and then SLAM I will hit a “crap day” and will assume I did something wrong and now I have to fix it. Shit how much time have I wasted trying to fix something about me I assumed I had done wrong when it was probably what was supposed to come up anyway? Thank You! 😀


    Brilliant Dain! I love how you talk about reference points dissolving…hdigbtt!?


    received this just on the button so grateful hugs christine xx


    Thanks thanks need this one!:-)


    THANKS Dain, perfect timing ♡♡♡


    It seems like you are effecting the technologic devices (cameras) and there are pixels that lose the capture on the parts where your body stands. Is it because of you or because of the camera you use? Why is it happening? If your energy rise more, won’t I be able to watch you on videos? 🙂


    That was beautiful, I can’t wait for the next time i chose to be with you.



    Thank you so much for being the amazing gift you are and for being willing to share with all of us in our journeys to discovering the amazing gifts we are! I do not even know how access came to me, I can only guess that I started asking the right questions and the universe lined access consciousness up as an answer and a means to keep me growing through even more questions! The world is shifting and it’s good! I’m excited to be a part of it!! I can’t wait to learn more from you, Gary, and all the other beautiful people helping to expand consciousness!!!

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