The kids’ revolution

November 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

“When I grow up, I want to be…. happy!” says 13 year-old Logan LaPlante. He is part of a small but growing revolution of children going about their education differently. Being healthy, happy, creative and innovative are elements of what Logan calls “hackschooling.” He defines “hackers” as those who challenge and change the system to make it work differently.

Watch this TEDx talk and see what it inspires you to create:

4 responses to The kids’ revolution


    HDIGEBTT?!? Gratitude to whoever found this brilliance and got it posted here. About the most heartening thing I’ve been exposed to outside of Access itself in a long long time! On this day of gratitude I am so grateful to still be in a beautiful body on this beautiful Earth and begin to see actualization of the ways I have known to be truly functional since before I was even this young man’s age.
    Hallelujah!! Happy Gratitude Day all!!
    RAL* Watip?!?


    Yay. HDIGABTT? Thank you, Dain!


    This segment blew my mind! So grateful there are young people that are choosing to be (self) aware, and well spoken, and asking questions, and choosing outside of the box of this reality — this child speaker was brilliant. How can this expand into something greater? Thank you for posting…!!


    I am expanded by exposure to this being who is creating a unique life for himself and opening horizons for such as myself. In gratitude. Chris

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