What if we could go beyond all labels?

December 16, 2013 — 5 Comments

If you were truly being you, beyond any conclusion, definition, label or category – who would you be?

5 responses to What if we could go beyond all labels?


    Yes! Saw this on FB last night. Brilliant!! Thanks! Watip?!?


    Dane, thanks SO MUCH for posting this….I found it on YouTube and posted it on my facebook page, I hope it spreads like wildfire….this is one shift in consciousness we really, really need….bless you!! Jean Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 14:18:17 +0000 To: jeanmeltesen383@hotmail.com


    Dain, I have SO been enjoying all your blog posts….This one struck me more deeply than the others. It’s not that it’s a new concept. It’s not that I was unaware of how labeling someone can significantly limit them… It’s that suddenly I realized that a label I had placed on me was not true, and I was still being affected by it. I had always made this about not labeling other ppl… I didn’t get that it actually pertained to me in a way I had forgotten. When I was in grade school. I was really slow at taking tests. I wouldn’t be able to finish them on time and I was failing tests because I just didn’t have time to answer a lot of the questions. (Given enough time to do it, I could actually show that I knew the information.) My parents took me to a psychologist and had me tested for learning disorders and I remember being so pissed off and insulted that they thought there was something wrong with me. (and in my interpretation they thought I was stupid. I felt betrayed.) The results came back, of course, that there was nothing wrong… I was given extra time to finish my tests and started getting good grades. I know now through the use of Access tools that so many of the things I used to make wrong about me are actually right about me. I was labeled as a “slow processor”…I know now that I am actually VERY fast… I was actually processing a lot more than just how to do math (for example). How often do we not acknowledge a potency because it shows up in a way that is judgable by this realities standards? WEIP? Thank you!


    Wow!!! brought tears to my eyes


    Fabulous video message…done so great! I will re-post too. Thank you always…In-JOY!

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