Who would you be if you didn’t mimick anyone?

December 18, 2013 — 9 Comments

I am interested in who WE TRULY BE, beyond the mimick, the mask and image.

In my point of view, it is from that space we can create the future we truly desire and require…since it is from that space we’ll KNOW WHAT THAT IS.

So for me, this tool is a game-changer!

It allows you to start knowing what you know. And be who you be.

What else is possible now?

– Dain

9 responses to Who would you be if you didn’t mimick anyone?


    Thank you for this amazing process. I have no idea who I be as all the bmm is leaving my body. Just keeping it up as the pain leaves my body. Feeling more alive each day yet like a new baby who is greeting this beautiful planet for the first time. Thank you so much Dain.


    Gary and Dain a great thank you, to the both of you. You keep stretching my boundaries, to the outer limits this process has started a chain reaction in my body.
    WHO AM I ? what grand and magical being is waiting in the wings of this realitey


    Dear Dain, Yes, One always face the challenge to be the way he was created, and it was difficult at early stage but when I consciously realize it. It turn to be an advantage. When you are able to gradually evolve that Inner Person in you and become a one person rather than Person plus persona, it radiates Confidence, Trust which is the source Charisma Best – Nick


    Dr. Dain Thank you so much for this process, I have been running it & the body process on myself for a couple of weeks now, the process allowed me to shovel snow for 1.5 hrs one day and 1 hr the next without any pain to my body, I was in 2/3 in Tampa walking with a cane. I have also notice a little freer movement in me hips due to this process. Thank you for everything that you contribute into my world every day. Bill


    Continue to run this as a loop thru every night….maybe 10 days now. Genuine newness comes available…kinda roller-coaster body wise,,,and hdigebtt?!? Boundless gratitude to Gary and you. BTW, you are looking ever more elegantly and illegally gorgeous with every new vid……that touch of grey suits you! 😉


    OMG! This is like a Roto-Rooter! I have been doing “inner work” for decades (I’m 75 now!) but this is one of the most powerful processes I’ve ever experienced. I knew that I “mimicked” others because I was always trying to be someone that my mother would be happy with, but I’ve never addressed it in such a powerful manner. Thank you so much!


    What else could I be gifted with to adore Access Consciousness even more?………..THIS process! THANK YOU! Lynn


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    Whose reality are you mimicking? Is now the time to create yours?

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