Conversations With a Leopard

December 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

What if communication is not what we’ve been taught it is…at all?

This is the amazing story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit. It is also a story about how one person, animal communicator Anna Breytenbach, by choosing to truly know what she knows, changes everything around her.

What is it that you know, that you haven’t been willing to know, that if you were willing to know it, would change everything?

4 responses to Conversations With a Leopard


    Truly amazing! Felt deeply touched as I watched this. BV australia


    Joy. I am filled with Joy as tears stream down my cheeks. There are no words to describe this. Thank You.


    This wonderful creature featuring in the amazing film about animal communicator Anne Breytenbach and what she accomplished with him – Diabolo – (among many other stories) was really moving! And that this kind of communication between humans and animals is beyond anything…


    anazing when we understand and communicate with animals. I could feel the love and joy from this. I cryed as well, of joy. This is very touching and heartfelt.

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