A Magical Day

January 8, 2014 — 2 Comments

Some days are not like others… Some days are phenomenal, magical and wondrous!!!

January 6th was one of those: The Very First Global Access Bars day!

This is a day I will tap into in days to come. It gave me hope that we are indeed…changing the world.

Yep, I included a tool in the video as well, just couldn’t help myself!

(Oh, and a weather update from Texas. The important stuff!)

What else is possible now?



2 responses to A Magical Day


    Dear, dear Dr. Dain!! These last few clearing statements are the bomb!! I think I commented on the BMM clearing as being a Roto-Rooter. I’m sure the ones you’ve included in this video are going to be no less potent!


    as always … thank you Dain!!
    just the tool I required at this point

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