Moving Beyond the Hurts of the Past

January 17, 2014 — 7 Comments

Are there things that you have experienced in the past that seem impossible to move beyond? Are there hurts that have occurred that you just can’t seem to let go of? Do you find yourself playing the same story over and over again in your mind and wondering if you’ll ever be free?

What would it take to truly move beyond the hurts of the past? What would it take to remove your energy from those situations and to put it into truly creating the life you desire?

For starters, take a look at who’s running your life. Are you? Or is all of the anger, rage, fury, hate and resentment? If anger and resentment are who’s in charge, are you ready to choose something different? Perhaps you are saying, “Yes! I’m willing to choose something different. But how? I’ve tried so many things and I just can’t seem to silence the resentment.”

Here are a few tools that you can use to unstick you from the hurts of the past and move you into the place of total freedom:

Moving beyond the hurts of the past starts with a choice. Have you made that choice? Would you be willing to? Would you be willing to say, “I’m choosing me. I’m choosing the power and potency of me. I’m choosing to move beyond these situations that have been holding me back.”?

Ask: What’s the value of holding on to the hurts of the past? Whenever we choose something, we perceive that there is something of value in it. For some of us, we hold on to hurts because we want to be right and we want to prove how right we are. For others, we hold on to prove that we are indeed as wrong as we have decided we are. Whatever the reason may be, when we are holding on to the hurts of the past, we are not in charge of our lives. Something else is.

When you ask, “What’s the value of holding on to the hurts of the past?” everything you’ve decided that is locking that in place comes up and you are able to clear all of that away with the clearing statement. Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nines, shorts, boys and beyond.

When being free has more value to us than proving that we are right or proving that we are wrong, the hurt we are holding on to start to fade away.

Undo the idea that there are hurts in the past that you can’t go beyond and that you can’t change as well as the idea that they are greater than you. In order for the hurts or situations of the past to be controlling your life, you have had to make them greater than you. And the truth is, NOTHING IS GREATER THAN YOU! So everywhere you decided that someone or something was more powerful than you, everywhere you made yourself small rather than being the total potency, the total capacity and the total brilliance of you, would you now be willing to let that go? And would you be willing to claim, own and acknowledge the true potency of you?

Moving beyond the hurts of the past begins with a choice. The choice to no longer be at the effect of people or situation. The choice to be the greatness of you. Are you ready to be free?

-Dain Heer

7 responses to Moving Beyond the Hurts of the Past


    thank you for the reminder of this Dain x

    It’s sometimes a challenge to know whether I’ve truly let go of the hurts of the past. If someone were to ask me whether I had let go of it, I would say ‘yes’ with the thought that I was speaking my ‘truth’, but then as time moves on … BAM … I’m struck down by that very same hurt that I thought I had let go of in the form of tears or sadness.

    It’s so true what you say in regards to making myself ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for past choices. Thank you for the reminder of asking the question “What’s the value of holding on to the hurts of the past?”

    Massive gratitude for the gift that you are in this world! and the joy that you invite us all to be. Big hugs x


    Thank you, Dain Everyday theses posts have helped me and inspired me to be ALIVE no matter what !!!! Love n Gratitude and a hug too !!!


    I have an ex-husband, I sent light and love to him. I shared it with my friend and she told me to stop (because he was mean to me). Then she proceeded to tell me how she’s learned to walk in love….ok I didn’t laugh in front of her. Thank you for this share. xxoxo


    So powerful. Thank you.
    I’ve had several old hurts come up recently, and now feel I can find the correct avenue to clear them; including a new one that just came up tonight.
    Deeply grateful. Thanks so much for your generosity and loving kindness. 🙂


    Very interesting 🙂 Yesterday I got the feeling, that if I can leave the past behind, I can create ANYTHING – anything at all !!




    thankyou Dain for making things clear and making our life easy.

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