Limitless Living & the Rise of Superman

February 20, 2014 — 1 Comment

Imagine, for a moment, if you could live without limits, totally unbound from any restrictions or stopping points. Can you get a sense of what that be like? For you?

Did you ever see the movie Limitless? In it, a struggling and depressed writer gets access to a mysterious pill that enables him to access 100 percent of his brain capacities and tap into his full potential. Transforming him into a true wizard in anything he chooses…

Now, what if that “pill” is really you stepping into your infinite knowing?

What if functioning from awareness is what allows you to access your true superpowers?
What if total presence (is what takes you beyond what you call fear?
What if choice is more powerful than any conclusions of what you can or can not create?

What if LIMITLESS LIVING is possible right now — and what if consciousness is the key?

What if we are capable of way more than we’ve ever have been willing to know? What if we always have been? Our superpowers have been called different things in different times and what if today we’re ready to acknowledge who we truly be, in totality?

Here is an amazing exploration of that by Steven Kotler. It is called ‘The Rise of Superman’.

Now… Would you be willing to commit to the art of consciously choosing, the art of total presence, and to finding out, tenaciously, what is true for you and what LIMITLESS LIVING really is about?

Is 2014 the time to shut the auto-pilot of limitation off? Is now the time to be fully alive? Just asking…

– Dain

PS. I have a telecall series about LIMITLESS LIVING starting on March 5… Interested? You can find out more here:

Just a word of awareness: if you choose this, nothing will ever be the same. Once you see that the emperor is naked, there is no turning back.

One response to Limitless Living & the Rise of Superman


    Interesting data! A bit too much conclusion for my POV. AND, I get your message!
    Always, THANK YOU!!

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