Your Body Knows

February 23, 2014 — 6 Comments

Let’s talk about bodies! Do you know that every molecule has consciousness?

Your body was created from consciousness as consciousness.  When you put molecules together in the form of a body they still have consciousness.

So your body is conscious…. Maybe even more conscious than you!

How is your body more conscious than you are?

  • It doesn’t take points of view.
  • It doesn’t do judgment.
  • It doesn’t do unkindness.
  • It never gives up its caring.
  • It doesn’t give up its gratitude.

If we can start to embrace that, asking yourself, “If my body were more conscious than I am, what information could I get from it? What change could I create from it? And what could I get out of it that I’m not currently able to?”

I think one of the biggest difficulties we get is we don’t honor the consciousness of this beautiful thing called our body.

It’s kind of like if you’ve ever been on a horse that was at a rental stable. All they do is they walk and they plod in a straight line. Nobody has really ever asked anything of them. They start to get dull.

Your body does the same thing. When you don’t acknowledge its consciousness, you invalidate the consciousness that it is. It can’t create change for you. It can’t do things to change.

You want to say hey body, “If you’re more conscious than I am, what is it that you can show me that I’m not asking of you?

What if today you started asking questions of your body? I wonder what would start to change?

And I wonder if that could be one of the keys to consciousness you’ve been missing?

– Dain

PS. I recently talked about this on a Being You Book Club & Google Hangout. You can watch the replay here:

6 responses to Your Body Knows


    thank you so much, this one opened up so much more for us 🙂 ( my body and me)

    Elaine Friedman “Equus” Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and much more! ~ What else is possible? ~

    Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 18:34:51 +0000 To:


    Reblogged this on aromagicallyspeaking and commented:
    It is so important to listen to our body to learn and grow. How does that scent make you feel? Where do you feel it? What can you learn from that? Still yourself and listen to your body’s wisdom. Who knows where that will take you. How does it get any better than that?


    Beautiful! Thank you!


    “When you don’t acknowledge its consciousness, you invalidate the consciousness that it is. It can’t create change for you. It can’t do things to change.?” that hit home for me. Where are you invalidating your body’s consciousness?


    Thanks Dain , nice write . I luv all the different ways to explain .. Look In Not Out … my moto . In just this one alone from you , i feel i could like you as much as Dr Lipton , Sir . Thanks again . Unity to ALL .


    Dear Dain,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful, inspiring and enlightening emails. I just wanted to expand on “Your Body Knows”. I grew up in a dysfunctional, occasionally violent home including verbal abuse. My parents were alcoholics due to my older sibling dying. I cannot imagine how painful it must be to lose a child and everyone deals with grief differently so I have forgiven them.

    My life has included many failed relationships. ..looking for love anywhere and to feel loved, my thyroid was underactive to the point of almost not working, I was quite overweight as I kept “feeding my emotions”, at the age of 38 , I was heading for menopause and was on hormone replacement and I was desperately, desperately unhappy. I went on an Access Consciousness workshop two years ago and religiously include it into my daily life. of my statements being “How can my life be healthier and happier even better than anything I could have ever dreamt, thought or imagined possible? ” About 6 weeks ago I was having a particularly bad day when I bumped into an acquaintance and he gave me a phone number and recommended that I made an appointment with a lady named Jane. He did not explain what she did but I was so desperate, even if she had asked me to dance naked around a fire, beating a drum and chanting, I would have done it!!!!! I met Jane the following week and my adventure started, I was introduced ro the Emotion Code and the Body Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson. All my pain and trauma that has been trapped in my body since birth is being released week by week and I cannot tell how monumental the shift has been. My thyroid is now functioning at optimal level, I’ve reduced my antidepressants by half. ..we are slowly aiming to get off them completely I have lost weight as I no longer feel the need to fill the void with food. My hormone levels are perfect and I can genuinely say, I’m feeling HAPPY!! I am turning 42 in March and my life is just starting now, I am SO excited! !! I have been thanking God for Access Consciousness and The Emotion Code daily as they have really saved my life. The body does definitely know!!! To the most awesome rest of my life… HURRY!!!!!! Thank you Dain for transforming my life with your amazing “toolkit for life”. Much love and light always. Danae Xxx

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