The Catch 22 of Fame and Fortune

March 2, 2014 — 4 Comments

How many of you have been seeking fame and fortune, yet avoiding it at the same time?

Have you ever found that you seem to be not quite ‘YOU’ in certain circumstances? Well…you’re not the only one!

Here are some questions that may invite you to a different possibility!

This 4-minute audio clip from the latest Awareness Revolution telecall gives you a new perspective on self-righteousness, self-‘wrongteousness’ (yes, my made-up word!) and the trap of fame and fortune.

Really, what else is possible?

-Dain Heer

4 responses to The Catch 22 of Fame and Fortune


    Your question hit ‘home base’ so deeply Dain. Most of my life I have experienced this non-receiving from my family and others and felt so ashamed of myself. Now the shame is replaced by awareness and allowance. Thank you so much for sharing your awareness. It matters. You matter..


    But aren’t you judging the people who aren’t ready to receive what you have to offer in this clip?


    If I am around people I don’t know I turn off my humor and am quiet, A few weeks ago I was in a skit and people were laughing so hard at me they were crying and most of them don’t know me well. Most of the people in the audience have mentioned several times how funny I was it’s like a flood of funny is coming out. I judged my humor as only ok for some POC POD that.


    Grateful for this… just spent a weekend living what you are talking about. Followed by a conversation about this exact thing… how most people are ‘happy’ with more money, cars and beautiful houses… which is nice… and it’s not enough for me. So interesting watching rich people judge me for choosing different and yet I could sense the confusion in their universe that they don’t have the ease or the joy I do… and yet, no-one was willing to ask a question or even look at the possibility that something could change. I wonder what it would take for what I be to be an invitation to them for something different? Thank you! xo

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