Do you ever feel alone?

April 7, 2014 — 4 Comments


Do you ever feel alone? There have been times when I couldn’t see who is supporting me. At those times, it “feels” like I’m alone.

What if that actually isn’t true? What if there is something way greater having your back?

When I feel this way, I ask the Universe to show me who has my back.

Universe please show me something beautiful today!

And every time I do this, things change.

Here’s an audio clip from the latest Limitless Living call with a clearing to run for those times…

What contribution can the Universe and this beautiful planet be for you today?

– Dain

4 responses to Do you ever feel alone?


    Thank you thank you! Reminders are so appreciated! A Kingdom of We reminding one another to remember to know what we know! Hdigebtt?!?


    love the timing of this post 🙂 just the other day I was getting completely overwhelmed with sadness thinking about the effect of Haliburton / Coal Seam Gas / Fracking … wondering if there really is any place left on Earth that isn’t being abused and poisoned. The next day I go for my morning beach walk and swim and there are at least a hundred dolphins, and the next day a full rainbow brighter than I have ever seen before. As if nature and the planet was shouting out to me “Don’t lose hope. We’re still here.” So very beautiful!
    Love all that you share Dain 🙂 and the beautiful reminders 🙂


    I had started a really cool reply to this blog 🙂 But the Universe decided that it would rather send my computer into constant “beachball” mode (on a mac) rather than allowing me to share my thoughts…LOL…

    I did take a screen shot of my post before my computer forced me to quit my browser 🙂

    Maybe it is actually the simple reminder that the Universe gives…show me something beautiful…it doesn’t matter if anyone else knows because it is ultimately between you and the Universe 🙂 You can ask the Universe to show you something beautiful even after something beautiful reminds you to ask when you are having a really crappy day…and it shows you something else 🙂

    Thank you!


    Thank you for this great reminder that we are NEVER alone.

    Grief was devouring me and my body until I connected with Access last year. And man, talk about feeling alone….I was searching for a reason to be here.

    Dain, you ARE changing the world. It’s because YOU are here that I now live with the ease, joy and glory that I thought were gone for good. I am rippling this gift out to everyone who is willing to receive it! Please never stop being you, NO MATTER WHAT! I am sending you a gigantic, expansive energy ball of gratitude that I know you will share with the world in your amazing gifts, ’cause you just have to. 🙂

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