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“Ask and You Shall Receive” are truly brilliant words from a very famous big book.

I notice people don’t believe this for many reasons, mainly because they don’t see it happening in their life; or at least so it seems.

The thing is, the most important thing to get if you’ve ever decided that “ask and receive” doesn’t work is that it’s never going to show up the way you think it’s going to.

Your points of view have created the reality you are living in now, so all of those ideas of the way and why it was going to show up or could show up or should show up are actually based on your points of view from this reality. That is what has kept you stuck until now.

It won’t ever show up teh way you think it will if you’re asking for something greater than what you currently have.

Once again… it won’t ever show up that way if you’re asking for something greater than what you currently have.

Why? Because the ways the universe has of gifting to you go beyond your universe of awareness of what you currently have. So of necessity it has to be different.

How much of what you’ve truly asked for and been willing to have has actually shown up?

Would you be willing to recognize that you’ve actually gotten everything you truly asked for and were willing to have? Is that at all real for you? If you started to realize this, what would that change in your life?

The blinders of expectations.

Now…whenever you expect it to look a certain way, then you’ll be looking for only that. You put blinders on and you start to say, “where’s that thing I’m asking for? Where’s that thing I’m asking for?” In truth, it’s here and it’s here and it’s here and it’s here. It just doesn’t look the way you expected.

So imagine there are these two little angels hovering above your head, holding a big, big pot of gold!

You can’t see them because you’ve got these blinders on… The two little chubby angels really would like to give it to you but you’ve can’t see them since you’ve decided that what you’re asking for has to look a certain way, and ceratinly not like chubby angels.

So the angels are following you around, hovering over you, walking with you throughout your life, just waiting for you to ask…

They keep wondering, “Are you ready?”

“No,” you say, “I’ve decided it should show up this way and that way and this way and this way and it has to come with a castle and a prince on a white horse and all that. So there!”

Because of the blinders we choose to have on, the way we are expecting things to look and to show up, we never see the pot of beautiful gold hovering above our heads.

The universe has this kindness, benevolence and sweetness to it. If you ask, it will actually let things show up in even more beautiful and amazing ways than we could ever imagine or expect.

If we allow it. If we’re willing receive it.

Is now the time?


In this video the lions behave rather different than most of us have learnt to expect. It is amazingly beautiful and shows us a glimpse of what is truly possible when we let go of our conclusions and start to follow our…knowing.

What do you know, that no one else knows, that you haven’t been willing to know, that if you were willing to know it, would change the world?