The Points of Creation — A Different Way to Function

July 24, 2014 — 6 Comments

Do you realize that most of us tend to function from the points of connection?

What is that? Well, what we do is taking a judgment about something we have, that is like somebody else’s judgment, and then we keep connecting to that person (or persons) based on that judgment. It can be our lover, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors…

We then identify those points of connection as what is valuable in our interactions with the world and to keep them in place, we have to keep going back to them.

How much of your energy right now is going back to the past to maintain all your points of connections to people?
How many points of connection do you have that is stopping you form the creation of your life and living?
How many points of connection do you have to what you call awareness and what awareness is that it actually isn’t?

So what else is possible? Would you be willing to instead function from something called the points of creation?

What is that? Well, it means leaving all the points of connections behind and instead continuously ask questions about how someone and something can contribute to you, and you to them, and from there create something new and greater for the future!

That, my friends, is a completely different ball-game….

Is now the time?

– Dain

6 responses to The Points of Creation — A Different Way to Function


    OMG Dain what is that multi-dimensional shirt you are wearing? Wow sometimes I just have to be grateful for the visual! Thank you eyes and thank you shirt!


    Oh no, crashing and burning…. 😴💤 this one knocked me out for a long while. How does it get any better? 💥


    thank you, for the last few days I have been looking for a tool to stop the recurring patterns of being at the receiving of hurt and jealousy from co-workers in a way that makes me go back to my smaller me size. And here you are with your points of connection…the perfect answer to get me to my creating platform instead of my connected platform. and that thing about connecting with the future energy and stealing from it to heal the past, what an insight I totally get it and realise I need to stop doing it. So thank you to help me shift and create.


    I think I understand this. It’s like approaching things from a divine perspective instead of a personality perspective; looking for openings rather than closing off. Is that right? Must contemplate this more deeply. Have been so irritable lately and I don’t want to be this way. I can see that I am wanting to have the upper hand. Because of feeling scared. I must read this again….


    I keep listening to this over and over and it has unraveled so much.. thank you.. I would love if you could go into more details … but this short snippet is also doing the job

    Thanks a God zillion

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