Creating YOU Beyond Definition

July 31, 2014 — 4 Comments

Ryland was born a girl but as soon as she could speak, she insisted she was a boy. Despite the judgment and opposition around them, Ryland’s parents have always been on their child’s side. “We signed up as parents with no strings attached.”

What if we would choose to see the person in front of us without the automatic definitions this reality imposes on people? What if we instead recognized the amazing being that is there?

What if we were willing to create ourselves beyond all the definitions, conclusions or judgments we’ve bought as true up til this point?

Who would you be?

What would your world be like?



4 responses to Creating YOU Beyond Definition


    my sister also wanted to be a boy, she played mostly with boys, her best friends were boys…


    This post led me to asking the question, would I be one of those friends who would stick by them and be fine with it. I got a strong yes on that, but a shaky no when I asked would I be fine with it if it was my child. It’s easy when it’s over there, but up close I could see how there is a part of me that “thinks” it wants to have some solidity to stand on.
    This led to a fascinating exploration of the “lies” that I’ve made true for me. There is a certain level of wanting to know what I know and live by it, but these amazing children, and really anyone who dares to be who they be even when it breaks the sacred cows of what science and society tells us is the way it is, challenges that. Am I willing to let go of what seems solid and obvious – such as, you have a girl body, you are a girl or you have no money in the bank, you are poor – am I truly willing to create a world beyond all definitions and conclusions? Could it be that I signed up to be human with no strings attached? Zoweee! What else is possible?


    Wow! 🙂 unconditional love is possible, what else is?!
    Thanks for sharing, HDIGABTT?


    Well, this one brought tears flowing…for so many ‘reasons’: that I have lived to know this kind of acceptance is happening on this planet; for the awareness of these parents and their willingness to share; for my dear transgendered Aunt who waited into his 60s to come out and make his change; for Access and the daily growing awareness, coaxed into constant expansion by the kindness and gentleness exemplified by Gary Douglas and Dr.Dain Heer and so many more. How does it get better than this?!?

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