Is your life plan killing the greatness of your possibilities?

September 25, 2014 — 5 Comments

When you’re actually willing to get out of the plan … you can get into the possibilities. And, when you don’t have to have everything show up the way you “think” it should or the way this reality says it should…the Universe can show you the easiest path possible.

You see, what we’ve always been taught is how to be and create in this reality.

If you had no judgment of you ever again, you would actually be choosing and creating your own reality.

Would you like to get a sense of what your reality would be like?

To listen in to a 9-minute audio from the Finding the Greatness of You telecall with an exercise that will give you a sense of the greatness you truly be, go here:

5 responses to Is your life plan killing the greatness of your possibilities?


    Love feeling the space of what’s possible, so light and delightful.


    I’d like to listen to it but the Sound Cloud app isn’t working.


    Sometimes you have to double click or try a couple times….I’ve opened this link easily 3 times today. It’s worth the effort! Also, if you open a SoundCloud account, and follow Access and Dain Heer you’ll have access to numerous uploads….and SC will even send you an email notification. How does it get better than hat?!?


    I can’t access this audio and exercise. Please help me!
    Thank you,


    *sings to the tune of “let It go”* it does work… it does work… just let it load and be free…
    Hit the orange button… you will see!!! Just click THERE.. it works just fine… let then audio play on..

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