Is it time to detox from this reality?

November 7, 2014 — 14 Comments

Have you noticed that you, or people around you, recently have been having more physical ailments and diseases than in a long time? Or that old issues with their bodies are coming back?

What if they are detoxing energetically? What if they are detoxing what is no longer working for them?

Many of the people that are having body issues going on right now, are people that have been doing more work to increase their awareness of themselves, who they truly are and the world around them.

What if what is going on is exactly what is required? What if now is the time to detox this reality?


14 responses to Is it time to detox from this reality?


    I can not even begin to express just how grateful I am for this post right now!!! Thank you a zillion times over Dain!!! After just coming through the other end of a crippling 2 month back pain … wow … this has just given me a totally different point-of-view about it.
    Love it! Massive big hugs and hope all is wonderful in your world.


    Wow! Unbelievable, amazing, beyond his reality!!! When I first saw the video, as playing on, I had a friend in my mind that could use it (she fit the description perfectly) and I totally ignored the annoying pain that I had from my tonsils, big as two ping-pong balls for a couple of days now. After the first process my pain was totally gone, and I really mean totally gone. I’ve been asking for an answer about this issue because I sensed it as not an illness but something else. The answer and the “pill” came in the most awesome way.

    Thank you Dain, once again, for your presence in our worlds. May the sun shine on your way! Thank you! ☆

    Angela McCracken November 7, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Yes yes yes. Thank you Dain as always, my inbox at the exact right time. Old skin ailments and allergies! & I’ve been using so many access processes over the last 2 years. HDIGABTT?


    Thank you sweet Dain! Actually I experienced deep-level relief in the past month from a structural misalignment plaguing (interesting word choice! hdigb?!?) me for about a year.
    I never felt light about receiving treatment from any local chiropractor (the intervention I would have chosen in the past). My sense has been more that the issue, chronic but infrequent over decades, was ripe for true healing rather than palliative adjustment.
    I’ve continued to use Access processes inc, what body processes of which I’m aware…….and listened & listened to the abuse clearing audios for months….plus received the gift of an ‘abuse hold’ process from a friend (at a great physical distance from my body!) Also using BMM clearing and process daily past few months
    This has been very gradual……and…..I sense something like a liquifaction physically………it’s really like I am allowing my body to rearrange its components toward an expression of my truer, more expanded, me.
    I am a long time in this body, so I am aware all of this has ramifications for ‘youthing’ as well.
    Now I wonder: what new movement practices will my body choose?…
    My muscles seem ‘weak’ to me now; AND, especially after this post of yours, I am willing to let my BODY choose! I largely let loose a 40+ year hatha yoga practice over this year.

    I appreciate profoundly the access to expansion that Gary & you continue to evolve….and the commitment to sharing it in so many forums, such as this one!
    This post and clearing truly support the choices I’ve been making for my body.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    Huge hugs to you! What ARE the infinite possibilities?!?


    It strikes me that physical ailments and pain might not be the only expressions of such an energetic detox; emotional and mental symptoms, too, such as “random” bad moods or thoughts running in circles, might well come from the same root in some cases. I believe that everything that happens to us is a “wise” thing — meaning, it is a force for good if we will let it be — so it makes perfect sense to me that a detox will happen on any level at any time when conditions are right. And just as a physical detox requires that we support our physical bodies and provide good nutrients so that they can let go of what’s impeding them physically, the times when we are doing spiritual and energetic practices that truly support us (i.e., when we’re “doing things right”) will be the times when an energetic detox is free to occur. “Long dark night of the soul,” anyone? 🙂 The question this stimulates for me is, “What if this thing that I feel I don’t deserve, because I’ve been ‘doing things right,’ is actually a symptom of healing rather than a punishment?”


    Much gratitude to you Dr Dain. So happy that you are connected in such away to all those that are wiling to be aware and speaking about that. I thought I was an bit of an island. Watching this I have realized again the interconnectedness of all that we be. What else is truly possible?


    Thank you so much for this Dr Dain. ..In access just over a year. .I have been using processes every day..changing much. .Recently some old ailments have cropped up and it has come to me that my body is indeed detoxing..I am excited this is happening and wonder how much more of me will be showing up after…Big Hugs..XXX


    I think the noise is to make sure that you speak loadly and clearly enough so that any people nearby who wouldn’t normally follow one of your posts, get the tool too. Call it divine marketing. 😉


    Thank you so much. I am so grateful Dr. Dain Heer. Thank you.Thank you. Thank you.


    Appreciation for every molecule in your being! Thank you so much for this process!


    Thank you so much Dr. Dain , I was having severe vertigo with vomiting and fever and bad migraine … And your post on detox was the same day! So true that our body is trying to keep up with the change we have chosen and the reality we are now in. Thank you for being the Expansive Energetic Being that you are and the Contribution you are. Thank u and to Gary for this timely awareness of this process!


    Thank you for this one Dain….Huge contribution…& awarenesses on this…..


    Oh dear Dain,

    I been procastinating even watching this video but for some reason i kept it open in my smartphone tabs…

    Been struggling with some bizarre ear condition and doctor put me on antibiotics even but…

    I listened to the proccess you just did in the video and i bursted out crying instantly with tears falling.. You have this beautiful way of connecting to people and i am so grateful for you being you.

    Thank you Dain, this helped so much i cannot describe in words.

    Sending hugs to you,


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