Are you “too” sensitive?

November 15, 2014 — 11 Comments

Do you ever feel like you can’t handle the intensity of the “feelings” around you? How many of you have a level of sensitivity to your surroundings that you’ve never acknowledged? How many of you have made yourself wrong for it? How many of you have looked to find a “cure” for it? How many of you have tried to shut it down?

In this reality, “sensitivity” is considered wrong and a problem. What if you could use it to your advantage?

Here are some great, practical tools to handle ‘sensitivity’ and information about what it’s really about!

A 10-minute audio clip from the latest Being You, Changing the World class in Dublin, Ireland:

If the above player doesn’t work, please use this link:

11 responses to Are you “too” sensitive?


    Hi, 🙂 Where’s the audio? 🙂

    Thank you for you! 🙂


    Link please?


    yup the audio link is missing please alert us when the update is actualized thank you


    thanks for the awareness i was trying to cut it off silly me expand


    brilliant 🙂

    frenchgirl2000_00 November 17, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Funny, I haven’t heard that the body is inside the being before. That’s not a beyonds for me at all. 😛


    Thank you for being an acoustical being who is able to play in the knowingness and sense what others experience, Your comments about the glass was a very accurate example of how I have felt, What would it take for you to know how grateful I am? What are the possibilities available to me now ?


    Grateful for you, Dain! Wwit to receive your 10 minute audio clip?
    Meanwhile, I’ll go pick up your brilliant book and do a “random” opening and see where my beautiful eyes land to read your brilliance to the world.
    Thx for choosing to stick around 15 years ago!!


    hi thank you in a nice space in myself all day and now am in bigger nicer space in myself their so much truth in how fast we can be in what we percived thank you so much for your time it was great mary x


    Wow! Yes, I definitely have felt something is wrong with me and have tried desperately to hold onto the people in my life who can’t handle my “sensitivity”. I’m not sure where to go from here but will continue to explore

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