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What if you are way, way greater than you’ve decided you are?

What if who you be right now is just the starting point of an adventure of what you can create yourself as?

What I’ve noticed is that the normal, average and real is really just a mask that most people learned to hide behind. And when someone let’s the mask fall, and becomes real and authentic, there is this huge mutual sigh of relief from everyone around. Suddenly everyone breathes easier and becomes more ALIVE — all from that one person dropping the mask.

The strange thing is that WE ALL KNOW THIS.

All through our lives, we try to peek behind other’s masks, to see who they really are. We often fall in love with just a small, tiny glimps of who someone truly is. The movies we adore, the stories that touch us the deepest, they are all about people showing up as the greatness they truly be. Something — circumstances, crisis, death, war, catastrophe — pushes them beyond the box of the normal they bought as real, and as their barriers fall, they SOAR.

We’re touched since we know this to be true, in ourselves. We actually know we are so much more than what we decided we are.

What if you let your mask fall now? What if you don’t need be pushed off the cliff?What could you receive? What could you be? What could you inspire in the world?

And please know, this is not hard work. It is actually way easier than keeping the mask on!

You, truly being you, has a smile to it. The soft smile of the lightness of being.


PS – Are you ready to be everything you are with no apology? Watch the replay below (in English and French!) of a recent Being You, Changing the World Book Club Google Hangout, 


What if by never functioning from the answer, but instead functioning from question, you could change everything?

We need inspiration – yes. But we also need tools to make things happen. One of the things that continues to amaze me is the speed with which the tools of Access Consciousness work.

If we go beyond the box of this reality, what awareness do you have that could change it?

I had the honor of being interviewed by Orly Bar-Kima, journalist, author, life coach and speaker on ‘Practical Inspiration’. The tools I share in the video are not about just giving you a better version of this reality; they are about going beyond and setting you free from limited reality.

If you were truly creating your life today, what would you choose right away?

Talk to you soon my beautiful friends!