End the Struggle of Looking For Your One True Purpose

October 15, 2015 — 6 Comments

Are you one of those people that is interested in LOTS of different things?  Maybe you’re like me and bright, shiny new things make you happy? 🙂

Have you ever jumped in the deep end of something new and found that you can swim quite well?  But then maybe later (often pretty quickly), you get bored. It’s not challenging anymore. It’s not fun.  You’re ready to move on, yet you make yourself wrong for not being able to commit, not sticking with something, and not finding your ‘purpose’ in life.

What if you didn’t have to make yourself wrong anymore? What if this ‘wrongness’ is actually a strongness?

In our culture, we’ve been told that you should feel like a failure if you don’t find your purpose – a jack of all trades and master of none.  This idea – that you have to find your destiny and your one true calling, and if you don’t figure it out, you have somehow failed or are terribly wrong…does that make you feel light or heavy?

What’s true always makes you feel lighter.  A lie always makes you feel heavier.

I have a question for you my friends – what if you are a master of all trades and a jack of none? What if you’re more brilliant and gifted than you’ve ever acknowledged? Does that make you feel lighter or heavier?

What if you didn’t have to choose just one thing? What if you didn’t have to limit your menu of choice at all?

What if instead, one of your greatest gifts, was the capacity to learn new things, to adapt, and to be able to choose anything and everything you would like to?

As I watched this amazing TED Talk about ‘multipotentialites’ (a great term created by Emilie Wapnick), I was reminded once again of the brilliance that each of us has by continuing to choose, seek, and explore more of what is possible.

Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities my friends!


6 responses to End the Struggle of Looking For Your One True Purpose

    Barbara Mackenzie October 15, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    WOW! Is multipotentiality/multipotentialism a quality, a Beingness that allows greater actualization?
    What have I made so vital about “purpose” that I feel I must make things happen for all eternity?


    Thank you, feel so much better about myself ,love it x

    Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 15:43:33 +0000 To: anitawhateley@hotmail.com

    Kathryn DiAddezio October 15, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    First of all, TEDx is an amazing place to find these brilliant humanoids such as Emilie. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute !! She’s completely up to speed and beyond. Thank you Dain, and Access. How does it truly get better than this ???


    Hi Dain, You are the second person to recommend this video and I think I have to watch because I am that person. My family tells me I am scattered and maybe ADD but I don’t think so. I get excited about many many different things. Thanks for sharing, your review is inspiring me to tune in now.


    This is fabulous. I am the MultiPotentialite. Great. Now what? How do I use this to create an incredible enterprise with my talents and abilities? What is possible?

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