The Earth Needs You Now More Than Ever

October 27, 2015 — 1 Comment

Have you noticed things are changing lately? And not just in your life or your corner of the world – but across this entire beautiful planet of ours?

And thank goodness!  Because the Earth needs us. We’ve been taking and taking from our planet for so long now. It is asking for our help.

Now is the time my friends.

We have the capacity not only to contribute to the earth, but to change the future trajectory of our planet.

The world is waking up and becoming more conscious. And not the kind of conscious where people say – ‘oh hey, my eyes are open so therefore I must be conscious.’

I’m talking about our awareness expanding and finally having communion with the earth and the plants and the animals on our planet that is truly possible.

I recently read this blog on about a new law passed in India which forbids keeping dolphins in captivity for entertainment purposes anywhere in the country.

How did this get created?

Because India has now declared dolphins as ‘non-human persons’ that have the right to live freely and not to suffer captivity for our entertainment.


The incredible intelligence and self-awareness of dolphins is finally being acknowledged.

And this acknowledgement is creating and actualizing a totally different future not only for dolphins, but for many different species on our planet! How does it get any better than that?

So let me ask you my friends…

What is the earth asking of you – desiring and requiring from you – that you can now gift? What do you know about the earth and the magical creatures on it, that if you acknowledged it, could change everything?

The earth needs us. The earth needs you. Now more than ever.

It needs what you know. It needs who you are. It needs your capacities and your brilliance and your awareness. It needs your yumminess and happiness to shine forth.

Now is the time to know what YOU know and create the change you know is possible.

Until next time beautiful people,


PS – My good friend, business partner and co-creator of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, created a video about having communion with our amazing planet and how to do a mediation walk with the earth. Check it out HERE.

PPS – You can also join me this coming January 24-26 2016, for The Earth Class – a live and ONLINE class where all profits will be donated to El Lugar. Learn more about the class HERE.

One response to The Earth Needs You Now More Than Ever


    sweet Dain….you know i adore and appreciate the vast contribution you, Gary, and the Access tools have been/are being to my life and living.
    (FYI, caught this post on FB, rather than an email i’ve usually received….?)

    i get and appreciate the valuable questions in the post…..AND……my awareness is that ‘the Earth needs you’ is a conclusion….one that is distinctly heavy for me….my ipov.

    an appeal in those words that which kinda messes with the tools of…’no significance’, ‘no importance’ etc.; as well as what i think of as ‘need’ implants….all sides of that,…….. including the manipulations of appeal to ‘heroic ideals’, ‘someone/thing to fix or save’ .

    my awareness is simply that – the changes a growing number of beings on this Earth wish to contribute to facilitating here will not be advanced by more slogans appealing to what is our past way of cognitive understanding. .

    for a time now i’ve been aware of a kind of zealot energy coming forth from the Access font vis a vis ‘the earth’.

    what else is possible if we were willing to be truly humanoid in addressing the concern we, and our bodies, are aware of here?

    ease, joy and glory

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