Leading Without Followers

December 21, 2015 — 3 Comments

Would you like to see something different being created on this planet of ours?

I know I do. And I know it’s possible. What about you?

What do you know, that you’ve been pretending not to know, or denying that you know, that if you allowed yourself to know it, would change everything in our world for the greater?

Would you be willing to know it, create it, and lead your life, and this planet, to something greater?

A leader knows where they must go and is willing to go there even if nobody gets it, nobody understands it, and nobody follows.

If we’re truly going to change the face of this planet, we need to step up and have a voice.  And by voice, I don’t mean shouting from the rooftops. You may not even have to say a word. What can your very presence invite everyone around you to?

I recently spoke at an event, Wisdom Stockholm, talking about our capacity to shape the planet’s future and tools to assist in choosing it.  Click HERE or below to watch the video of my talk below.


True leaders don’t create followers. They create leaders.

Is now the time to take the lead, without expecting anyone to follow, and create what you know is possible in the world?

You can be a voice for the world. You, being you, is a contribution that can not only change someone’s world, but also change the planet.

Until next time,



3 responses to Leading Without Followers


    Thankyou Dain! I was just wondering this morning when you would send something awesome and here it is!!! Weip? Robyn, San Diego

    Deborah Belcher January 2, 2016 at 2:57 am

    Hi – I’m changing my email address. I so appreciate these emails & would like to continue receiving them seamlessly. The old address is pianomuse@charter.net – & I’m replying from the new address – deborah.belcher@icloud.com – please change it in your records? Thank you & HDIGABTT???! Deborah Dr. Deborah Belcher Artist-Director, Asheville Piano Experience Private Studios in Asheville & Hendersonville NC Adjunct Associate Professor of Music, UNC Asheville Facebook | Studio: 828.251.5700 |Cell: 828.230.7343


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