Who Are You Really?

December 18, 2016 — 7 Comments

Who are you really?

Have you ever asked the question?

So many of us identify with a certain culture or religion or the country where we were born.

But does that define you? Are you a citizen of your country or are you a citizen of the world?

In the video below, a group of courageous people chose to take a journey based on an analysis of their DNA.

Some even asked ‘What could you possibly tell me that I don’t know already?’

After the participants received their results, they were stunned by what they found out. I was moved to tears when watching it. See for yourself below…

Even though I was born in the United States, I like to consider myself a global citizen. I’m very grateful that I travel around the globe facilitating classes and meeting phenomenal people from every part of the world. And when I do, I’m amazed by how much we have in common, as beings in this world, if we choose to to stop buying the lies of separation based on color, culture, religion and country.

It’s a choice to keep the separation we have between us in place. Is now the time to break down the walls of judgment? To end the separation?

What if WE, as infinite beings, are truly ONE? If we choose it?…

The choice is yours my friend.

As the video mentions – “You have more in the common with the world than you may think.”

PS – You can find out more about the DNA Project here: letsopenourworld.com

‘An open world begins with an open mind’ – The DNA Journey, Momondo

7 responses to Who Are You Really?



    I watched this earlier this week and I loved it. I really enjoyed the bit where Ellaha was introduced to her cousin.

    I would love to take the test and find out more about me and my background.


    This rocks! Beautiful! Love it!
    Melody Manuel ❤️🌎❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


    Hello!!! Eu gostaria muito fazer esse texte de DNA, eu gostaria muito conhecer a minha origem, eu gostaria muito saber quem sou eu…..Adoraria saber que o meu DNA tem origens na África….ou que sabe aonde……Como é possível saber?


    Absolutely loved this! Had to share it immediately! HDIGABTT?


    This is amazing. And not just because of the content of the video and the DNA Project itself, but because of the effect it had on my Being and my awareness.
    I have always felt like a little speck in the world, especially growing up in a small town on a farm where all you live growing up is farming and family. The more I have expanded my consciousness, the more I have wondered about the big bad world out there. I have found myself in rooms of people and been overwhelmed by just the many different lives in the room and thought “Wow! There are 7 Billion of these lives being lived all over the world! I would then find myself popping into other people’s worlds and just imagining that moment in their everyday life all over the world. And I was fascinated and again overwhelmed by it all.
    Recently I have made so many new friends all over the world, right here on Facebook and their friendship has brought the world to me and me into the world. I have been blown away by the messages I receive of how I have inspired them by something I have posted or a video of me truly being me that I have shared with complete strangers of the world that I wouldn’t dare share on my personal page for fear of being judged, asking if I minded if they saved it to watch later and hearing from them weeks later thanking me and saying they have watched it so many times when they needed to be inspired. WoW.
    We were watching TV the other night and something made me say out loud “I want to travel the world! What will that take? What would that be like?” I watched this video and the people getting their results after spitting into a tube, and I found myself tasting the saliva in my mouth and all of a sudden my whole Being felt connected to the world and everyone in it. I was amazing. Here I am sitting at my kitchen counter watching a video and tasting my spit and then I am all over the world and all of the world is right here with me. I actually cried for the next 10 minutes at the potency of it and am choking up again as I type this and recall that moment.
    My whole life, living, and Universe just expanded beyond my wildest imaginations. Traveling the world just became so much more real as I feel parts of my Being are already there waiting to greet me with family and friends I never knew I had.
    What else is #crazypossible beyond my wildest imaginations NOW ?!?


    Really enjoyed that video. I would love to take the DNA test to know What I am Made of and of my background 🙂


    Amazing. What a beautiful reality, for all of us. Let us all open to the great onement.
    In so much gratitude, Tammy

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