Acts of Kindness

July 7, 2017 — 1 Comment

This particular blog and video include a challenge to you, my friend!

Come along to my Venetian gondola to hear more.

According to Wikipedia, a random act of kindness is a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.

So basically, an act with that is chosen in those ten seconds increments and is acted upon with no investment in the outcome.

It is actually, in my point of view, something you BE, not something you do.

You, my friend, can choose to BE random acts of kindness, every day.

Are you up for that?


PS. I know I am not the first to invite you to practice random acts of kindness…

Ann Herbert wrote a whole book about it in the 90s. She was the one that coined the phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. I love that. I strive to BE that!

P.P.S. Are you one of the 10,000 amazing people who are playing in the Year of Being You Facebook Group? If so, how did we get so lucky?!? If not, go here to join the group, where we have regular “challenges” like this one!


One response to Acts of Kindness


    Blessings Dain! What a wonderful post and video! Love gondolas and there is always something special about being on the water with a community. How does it get any better! So, to touch briefly on this wonderful enlisting random acts of kindness from all of the humanoids following your awesomeness: I love it!!! I would be in heaven if even just half the planet had this on their daily to do list! I’ve been living & breathing loving kindness and actively participating in random acts of kindness since I was around 9 years old first with Brownies, then as a note from my guiding mothers with Buddhism at age 12. It has always been a part of my Seva (contribution to the world and community) and people LOVE it!!! When in it, it’s like magically opening a genie bottle full of the zest of life that has been corked up in people. You give and they end up showing the bright light of who they are due to your kindness that may have gotten buried, what other amazing beauty can you show me today universe??? In gratitude for your amazing contributions!!! <3<3<3

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