More on Oneness – from preschoolers ;)

March 13, 2018 — 3 Comments

There has been a lot of strife and separation in the news this year. Yes, there is that.

And at the same time, there is also a stunning number of people who see a different perspective.

Like these two preschool girls – who do not see skin color as a reason to separate. Or any other reason for that matter.

Watch this video for how they see what being ‘one’ truly is.

What if we could see the world and the possibilities of oneness through their eyes? 

What else would be possible in our world? And what if now is the time to choose it?

Until next time beautiful people,


3 responses to More on Oneness – from preschoolers ;)


    What beautiful children and moms. This reminds me of you and Ramie remembering how you “played with each other when we were in our mommy’s tummies”!

    I am very glad to see the effects of our decision to send you to the schools we did, because you have not let “society” effect the truth of your own soul and now you are helping protect other children from these ignorant, divisive, and soul-denying lies.

    You are a strong beacon of love and light in this world, and I am so moved to be part of your story, Always, Mom


    This was wonderful!! Thank you!!

    Barbara Mackenzie March 14, 2018 at 12:11 am

    Hello. this was not uploaded to Canada. wcbbtt?

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