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Here’s a very simple tool to find out everything that’s true for you and everything that’s not!

You’ll start knowing instantly when something will work for you and can make your life greater, and then you can choose accordingly.

Welcome to making choices and decisions with ease!

Here’s the tool – Light or Heavy: Something that is true for you will always make you feel lighter, something that’s a lie will always make you feel heavier.

What if it’s time to come out of the wrongness of us, for anything we’ve ever chosen or done?

What if now is the time to have the lightness of what’s true for us and not have to believe someone else is wrong if we choose something different?

Did you know that you are magic?

What if you are more like Harry Potter than all the ‘muggles’ around you? Here is a quick audio exploring that!

If you were to stop pretending to be normal, average, and the same as everyone else…what magic would open up to you? What would you be able to change that right now feels impossible to change?

Just saying…