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Today, I’d like to take you to a truly magical place in Costa Rica…called El Lugar.

Here is your mission, my friend, should you choose to accept it:

  • Go outside and find a tree. It can be small or big, leaf or fir…
  • Feel your feet on the ground and put your hand on your stomach. Be.
  • Now tap into the trees tendrils, it’s roots, that stretch down into the Earth, all the way to its beating heart.
  • And simultaneously reach out with your being, above the trees branches, higher, higher, up in the sky, and beyond, into the universe.

There. How you be?


PS. What is El Lugar?
It is a place where the dream of creating something completely different is being actualized, right now, right here on Earth! Would you like to know more, just go here to check it out!

When I read the letter below that was sent to me by a friend online, it had me wondering – imagine if we could live in a world where the new ‘norm’ for education was about empowering kids to be as unique and different as they are?

Is that the kind of world you would like to live in? Where everyone is included and no one is judged?

I know I would!

Children are a gift to all of us and a gift to the planet.

They are the future. So many of the kids that are the brightest, kindest, and most caring are also the kids that have the hardest times in most of our schools – whether it be from bullying, not ‘fitting in’, or struggling with the rigid structures and labels that so many schools have in place.

The thing is, there is always something else possible and another choice available if something isn’t working for you.

You choosing something different and changing your reality, changes what goes on for our kids. Our children need us to step up to what we know, and what we can be. What choices can you make to empower the children in your life and the world to be the leaders that they truly are? To be the leader truly be?

What if our kids could see the beauty that they are, being absolutely and uniquely them? There are so many amazing phenomenal kids in our world – what can we BE to empower them to create a life greater than what many may think is possible?

walkervale state school

Thank you to all the teachers and administrators out there, like the one who wrote this letter, who are inspiring kids to BE THEM and acknowledging what a gift they are! 

What else is possible beautiful people? 🙂


PS – If you’re looking for a teacher or tutor who empowers your child, or if you are a teacher who would like to know more about empowering and honoring the kids in your classroom, check out, they’re having an online open house on May 7 and have rolling enrollments all year round!