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When you’re actually willing to get out of the plan … you can get into the possibilities. And, when you don’t have to have everything show up the way you “think” it should or the way this reality says it should…the Universe can show you the easiest path possible.

You see, what we’ve always been taught is how to be and create in this reality.

If you had no judgment of you ever again, you would actually be choosing and creating your own reality.

Would you like to get a sense of what your reality would be like?

To listen in to a 9-minute audio from the Finding the Greatness of You telecall with an exercise that will give you a sense of the greatness you truly be, go here:

What would you like to leave to the world? If you were to write your own eulogy, what would it say?

Here’s a 6 minute audio clip from a recent Energetic Synthesis of Being class in Denver about giving it your all.

Please don’t ever give up. Give it your all. You do, and our world changes.





It all started when 19-year-old Boyan Slat asked a question, “Why can’t we clean this up?”

He was referring to the millions of tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

When everyone else was presenting clean-up projects that cost billions and would take thousands of years, Boyan looked at the problem from a completely different place and came up with a revolutionary solution.

He introduced a new way of thinking and the point of view that we’re doing this – now.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them, Einstein once said. Boyan would most likely agree.

What could you change in your life and in the world, just by changing the way you think about them?

Your point of view creates your reality. Reality does not create your point of view.

What else is possible? 🙂

the creative adult inspiration quote

Remember being little and waking up ready to play? Whether is was a game of pretend, hide-n-seek, water balloon fights, or something else…remember what it was like to play? At what age did you decide you had to grow up and become an adult?

What if you could PLAY again?

“Play is the key to accessing the happiness of you that you gave up a long time ago.”

Sound too simple to be a powerful tool? Here’s more on play and what it can unlock for you:



What if rather than going back to the past as significant, trying to figure it out, re-create it or make it better…. you would allow yourself to move forward to possibilities of what CAN exist? Your history will always be the creation of limitation of your future, not an invitation to the possibility of the future that can exist.

Listen in to a 5-minute audio clip from the first Limitless Living telecall here!

Who and what could be a contribution to the future you really desire that you haven’t been willing to recieve from – until now?

-Dain Heer

Your Elusive Creative Genius

February 10, 2014 — 3 Comments

What would you choose if you knew you could not fail?

What if creativity and suffering is not inherently linked?

What if success is not a death sentence for creativity?

Would you be willing to consider a different point of view?

If so…watch this funny and brilliant Ted X presentation by “Eat, Pray, Love” Author Elizabeth Gilbert.

What if your job, my friend, is just…to SHOW UP?

Are you making you a priority? Are you seeing the value of you? For the most part we’ve been much better at mimicking other people than we have been at finding out what we would create and choose for ourselves. In a way, it can be much more comfortable to mimic than it is to ask questions like “if I were truly creating my life today what would I choose right away?” and “what do I like to do for fun?”

There are some aspects to creation that are easy and natural for us…and some that we’d rather not do. For me, it’s making phone calls. For years I avoided calling people because it was outside of my comfort zone. But I get that when I choose to go beyond my comfort zone, something greater is created!

Listen in to 2-minute clip from the most recent Awareness Revolution call for more:

So what if you chose to do just one thing beyond your comfort zone every day for the next two weeks? Maybe it’s learning a new aspect of technology, or making a phone call…or talking to a ‘stranger’ at Starbucks. What could you choose today that would take you beyond your comfort zone?

-Dain Heer