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This “stand-up comedian who couldn’t stand up” does a TED Talk on how truly empowering it is to BE YOU, no matter what others say about you (especially on the internet).

Being Palestinian, Muslim, a woman, having Cerebral Palsy, and living in New Jersey are just a few of the ‘problems’ Maysoon Zayid humorously lists as reasons that should have stopped her.

What if we all “can-can” do or BE anything we choose?

Stop Being Lazy

February 26, 2014 — 1 Comment

Is Aimee Mullins disabled? Is she a model, a para-olympian or a double amputee?

Watch as she talks about how labels and categories can create limitations.

“I think our need to categorize comes from being lazy… There’s a lot more change that can be effected when treat each other as the individuals we are,” says Aimee.

What if we gave up the necessity of putting people in defined boxes of who they are and what they’re capable of? What would open up? What could change?

What if when a judgment came up, you just went…STOP! I am not going there — I am going to take the road less traveled, the un-defined path that could lead ANYWHERE!

What if going beyond all judgments is what would open up for a whole new world?