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Evan Mercer was born deaf and didn’t start speaking until age 5 – but he did not let any of that stop him from choosing greatness! Here are some pieces of advice from his high school valedictorian speech:

  • Commit to protect your dreams always.
  • Find your own impossible and bring it to it’s knees.
  • Understand that no one can hold you down.
  • Make the choice to never stop moving forward.



January 10, 2014 — 5 Comments

Living a life “free from dogma, full of awe and wonder.” Does that interest you?

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and a possibilian who asks us to “celebrate possibility and praise uncertainty.”

How does it get any better than science asking ‘what else is possible?’!

Watch this video to find out about “possibilianism” :

What if this active exploration of new ideas and creating beyond the realm of certainty also is what the Awareness Revolution is about?

If you were truly being you, beyond any conclusion, definition, label or category – who would you be?

What if our teenage years could be completely different? What if kindness was the valuable thing, instead of…meanness?

This video is about what can be created when one person chooses kindness. Could the caring of one affect change in the entire world? What if it can? Would you be willing to choose it?

Watch this scene from the documentary, Educating Yorkshire, in which one student, bullied in school and unable to speak without a stammer finds his voice.

The teachers in this school are choosing something different. See how their choice, and the courage of one student, is changing everything. What if this is what BEING YOU is all about?

Bruze Springsteen

The kids’ revolution

November 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

“When I grow up, I want to be…. happy!” says 13 year-old Logan LaPlante. He is part of a small but growing revolution of children going about their education differently. Being healthy, happy, creative and innovative are elements of what Logan calls “hackschooling.” He defines “hackers” as those who challenge and change the system to make it work differently.

Watch this TEDx talk and see what it inspires you to create:

“What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like? What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?” – Alan Watts, British Philosopher