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We’ve been taught to use our minds as though they are the creation of our life. In actuality, the way I see it, your mind is actually a mechanism for control, not a mechanism for possibilities. It is a mechanism for destroying the possibilities that are greater in our lives than what our parents had, and what their parents had, and what their parents had.

What you want to realize is, your mind is like a big card catalog. Every experience that it’s had and has judged as OK and acceptable, is in there. Now, when you have a new experience or a new possibility that hasn’t already been pre-selected and approved by your mind, it goes: “No.  Don’t do it.” So what often happens is that you end up rejecting anything that it hasn’t been cognitively approved…

Do you get what’s happening here?  All the possibilities beyond your mind, get rejected instantly and then you have to work to try to bring them into your reality, judging you the whole time for doing them, hoping they work out while thinking that the wont because your mind has said, “Oh that’s not valuable”.

What if something completely different is possible? Would you be willing to start creating your life beyond your mind, and instead trusting your awareness?

Are you ready to shut off the mind chatter and know what you know?


Well, that is what this video is about. It is 6 min. Maybe give your mind a break for that time? 🙂

– Dain Heer

PS. I talk about a tool called ‘Who Does this Belong to in this video. If you want to know more about that, please go to this playlist on YouTube:

You always know.  

Your knowing is instantaneous.  Literally, it’s like as soon as you think of something or as soon as you ask something, or as soon as somebody else asks you something, you get this awareness of what it’s going to be like.

Your knowing is like a feather touch.  It’s not a brick.  A lot of us have this idea that when we know something the clouds will part and God’s voice will come from the clouds with a bright shining light and go, “This is your knowing!”  No,  that’s not how it actually works…

Your knowing is like a feather touch.

What’s interesting is that if and when you demand more consciousness in your life, what happens is you get the feather touch first and if that doesn’t work, you get the slap across the face and if that doesn’t work, you’ll get the brick across the face, and if that doesn’t work, you get the house of bricks falling on top of you….

My suggestion? Listen to the feather touch, my friends. It will make your life a lot easier – and a lot more fun.

Cause you always know. You know.

– Dain Heer