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Ease, Joy and Glory

June 10, 2016 — 11 Comments

The first time I heard the mantra of Access, I wanted to KILL!

There was this small ad in the local paper that read: “All of Life Comes To Me with Ease and Joy and Glory. Call Shannon”

I just wanted to tear the newspaper apart — Ease, Joy and Glory!?!? My life seemed to be everything BUT that. Argh!

Anyhow, I had learned that when I resisted something that much, there was always a possibility for greater beyond it.

So I did call. And that was the start of a journey that has changed my whole life…

Here is the thing: Along the way, I seemed to have forgotten how powerful that mantra really is.

Would you be willing to come along to Santa Barbara and let yourself be re-introduced to these 12 words?

Please know, the three first words are crucial: All. Of. Life. 

EVERYTHING — the good, the bad, and the ugly — comes to us with ease and joy and glory.

Therein lies the secret.

Therein lies the peace.

All of Life Comes To Me with Ease and Joy and Glory.


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Are you your name? Are you your body? Or your job? Your gender? The family you came from? The color of your skin?

Or, are you much, much, greater than all of those definitions? Are you actually an infinite being?

We live in a world where we keep trying to define us and everyone else. Well, here’s the thing – definition always creates limitation.

Definitions and labels confine and limit us. When we judge ourselves or others based on labels, we are choosing to separate; we are choosing finiteness.

It’s our definition of us, and the ones we buy from other people, that stop us. Because it’s our definitions of us and others that lead to judgment. And judgment is the biggest killer on the planet.

As I watched this potent and moving video, I asked myself some questions:

What if we no longer chose smallness over greatness?
What would our world look like without separation, without labels, without judgment?

As Prince Ea says in the video – “When there’s division, there will be conflict.” What if by ending the division and the separation, the conflicts that are occurring all over the world could end?

I ask you my friends, what else do you know is possible here, on this planet of ours? What would you like to choose? What choices could you make today to create a world you’d like to live in?

Awhile back, I did a google hangout on “The Potency of Being Undefined”. Imagine for a moment if you had no name, no race, no past and no definitions of who, what, when, where, how and why you were supposed to be? If you no longer had to look for a definition of yourself, or others, what possibilities would be available that you haven’t yet chosen?

You see, it’s our definition of us, that we we’re not willing to go beyond, that leads to the limited path that we can walk rather than an expansive path of infinite possibilities.

Which one would you like to choose my friends? What else do you know is possible?

Until next time,


Have you noticed things are changing lately? And not just in your life or your corner of the world – but across this entire beautiful planet of ours?

And thank goodness!  Because the Earth needs us. We’ve been taking and taking from our planet for so long now. It is asking for our help.

Now is the time my friends.

We have the capacity not only to contribute to the earth, but to change the future trajectory of our planet.

The world is waking up and becoming more conscious. And not the kind of conscious where people say – ‘oh hey, my eyes are open so therefore I must be conscious.’

I’m talking about our awareness expanding and finally having communion with the earth and the plants and the animals on our planet that is truly possible.

I recently read this blog on about a new law passed in India which forbids keeping dolphins in captivity for entertainment purposes anywhere in the country.

How did this get created?

Because India has now declared dolphins as ‘non-human persons’ that have the right to live freely and not to suffer captivity for our entertainment.


The incredible intelligence and self-awareness of dolphins is finally being acknowledged.

And this acknowledgement is creating and actualizing a totally different future not only for dolphins, but for many different species on our planet! How does it get any better than that?

So let me ask you my friends…

What is the earth asking of you – desiring and requiring from you – that you can now gift? What do you know about the earth and the magical creatures on it, that if you acknowledged it, could change everything?

The earth needs us. The earth needs you. Now more than ever.

It needs what you know. It needs who you are. It needs your capacities and your brilliance and your awareness. It needs your yumminess and happiness to shine forth.

Now is the time to know what YOU know and create the change you know is possible.

Until next time beautiful people,


PS – My good friend, business partner and co-creator of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, created a video about having communion with our amazing planet and how to do a mediation walk with the earth. Check it out HERE.

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Ever feel like you were confined or defined by the world around you? Yeah, me too. I used to feel like there were walls all around me that were keeping me locked inside. 14 years ago, I had so little sense of choice and possibility that I didn’t see a reason to live.  If you’ve ever been in a place like this, you will know what I mean…


Here is an audio about that:

Then I learned how to destroy and uncreate those walls of limitation that felt like an electric fence surrounding me at all times. Not only that but I learned that it’s possible to create so far beyond those walls that nothing and no one could limit me again.

What if you, too have far more capacities than you’ve been willing to know?

Now- here’s my awareness of how reality actually works…and why I do what I do today.

What I’m interested in is YOU being YOU. And that you know there’s hope. That you know there is a world beyond the confines of limitation and judgment. Would you be interested in that too?

– Dain

Are there things that you have experienced in the past that seem impossible to move beyond? Are there hurts that have occurred that you just can’t seem to let go of? Do you find yourself playing the same story over and over again in your mind and wondering if you’ll ever be free?

What would it take to truly move beyond the hurts of the past? What would it take to remove your energy from those situations and to put it into truly creating the life you desire?

For starters, take a look at who’s running your life. Are you? Or is all of the anger, rage, fury, hate and resentment? If anger and resentment are who’s in charge, are you ready to choose something different? Perhaps you are saying, “Yes! I’m willing to choose something different. But how? I’ve tried so many things and I just can’t seem to silence the resentment.”

Here are a few tools that you can use to unstick you from the hurts of the past and move you into the place of total freedom:

Moving beyond the hurts of the past starts with a choice. Have you made that choice? Would you be willing to? Would you be willing to say, “I’m choosing me. I’m choosing the power and potency of me. I’m choosing to move beyond these situations that have been holding me back.”?

Ask: What’s the value of holding on to the hurts of the past? Whenever we choose something, we perceive that there is something of value in it. For some of us, we hold on to hurts because we want to be right and we want to prove how right we are. For others, we hold on to prove that we are indeed as wrong as we have decided we are. Whatever the reason may be, when we are holding on to the hurts of the past, we are not in charge of our lives. Something else is.

When you ask, “What’s the value of holding on to the hurts of the past?” everything you’ve decided that is locking that in place comes up and you are able to clear all of that away with the clearing statement. Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nines, shorts, boys and beyond.

When being free has more value to us than proving that we are right or proving that we are wrong, the hurt we are holding on to start to fade away.

Undo the idea that there are hurts in the past that you can’t go beyond and that you can’t change as well as the idea that they are greater than you. In order for the hurts or situations of the past to be controlling your life, you have had to make them greater than you. And the truth is, NOTHING IS GREATER THAN YOU! So everywhere you decided that someone or something was more powerful than you, everywhere you made yourself small rather than being the total potency, the total capacity and the total brilliance of you, would you now be willing to let that go? And would you be willing to claim, own and acknowledge the true potency of you?

Moving beyond the hurts of the past begins with a choice. The choice to no longer be at the effect of people or situation. The choice to be the greatness of you. Are you ready to be free?

-Dain Heer

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”


~Jim Morrison