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Have you ever felt dissatisfied? Are you always wanting more and do you know that it’s possible?

What if that wasn’t a wrongness? What if that ache of dissatisfaction is a gift and capacity? What if that is what drives your life forward?

What if dissatisfaction is what shows up when you know there is a possibility that you could be choosing — and haven’t yet?

In South Africa, my friend Gary Douglas and I recorded a special video about the hidden gift behind the dissatisfaction…

Would you like to know more? Click on the video below!

If you start to get the greatness of you, and your dissatisfaction, things will get better not only for you, but for all of us!

What if you are the gift, the possibility and the change this world requires my friend?

Hope to see you somewhere in the world soon, 🙂


PS – Gary Douglas & I will be facilitating an evening class, Losing the Ache of Dissatisfaction, March 10th live in Paris and livestreamed online. Would you like to join us? Click HERE to sign up!

What if the Universe actually has your back? What if somewhere, within, you KNOW that? What if the way it shows up just never ever looks like you think it will — or should?

If you were listening, what would the universe tell you? Well, would you be willing to let go of all expectations and projections of the universe, just for a few minutes? Yes?


Here we go! 7 Thing the Universe would tell you — if you were just listening!

1. You, my friend, are a sleeping giant. There is so much more available in you, as you, for you, than you could ever, ever imagine.

2. Wherever you are at this moment in your life, you’ve done an absolutely brilliant job with the tools you’ve had available. (And what if there are greater tools now?)

3. Yes! All those things you dream about, deep within, they are all actually possible. Trust you!

4. No, you’re not normal, average and real. You are DIFFERENT! And every time you don’t fit in; that is a gift of the different possibility you be.

5. You have a whole new reality to discover and create; your reality. And it is nothing like the one you’ve bought as right, perfect and correct from others. It is, just like you, different.

6. When you are truly being you, you are so amazing that if you were willing to see and acknowledge that, it would blow you away.

7. You are crucial for the future; there are are things only you know, the you’ve refused to know, that if you were willing to now know them, would change the world.

Now you can stop listening again, if you like.

And if you don’t, let me ask you: Are you ready for a date with the universe?

I facilitate Being You, Changing the World Events around the world.

There are giants. And dreamers. And the Universe…

And you?


PS – You can find out more about the Being You Classes by clicking HERE.


Have you ever looked up at the sky or down at the earth and been in awe of this magical, beautiful planet?

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Or the universe? Or the phenomenance of being alive?

So often we look to others for answers. For someone else to explain to us how things work and how we should be in the world.

What if that was one of the greatest limitations we’ve bought in to? What if we come in to this world just knowing and being aware of everything and everyone?

What I’d like to ask you my friends is…

What if you were willing to know that you know?

What if you didn’t have to think or figure anything out? What if you already KNOW?

One of your greatest capacities as a being is your infinite ability to perceive, know, be, and receive. Notice that thinking isn’t one of them?

You may have been using that brilliant mind of yours over and over again, but if it could have figured everything out, wouldn’t it have done so already?!?

As I watched this video of this phenomenal 9 year old boy, I was reminded again of our capacity to KNOW.

So let me ask you my friend – What do you know, that you have been refusing to know, that if you were willing to know it, would change everything?

I wonder what we could create on this planet if we claimed, owned, and acknowledged that we know?

Until next time my friends 🙂


Your Body Knows

February 23, 2014 — 6 Comments

Let’s talk about bodies! Do you know that every molecule has consciousness?

Your body was created from consciousness as consciousness.  When you put molecules together in the form of a body they still have consciousness.

So your body is conscious…. Maybe even more conscious than you!

How is your body more conscious than you are?

  • It doesn’t take points of view.
  • It doesn’t do judgment.
  • It doesn’t do unkindness.
  • It never gives up its caring.
  • It doesn’t give up its gratitude.

If we can start to embrace that, asking yourself, “If my body were more conscious than I am, what information could I get from it? What change could I create from it? And what could I get out of it that I’m not currently able to?”

I think one of the biggest difficulties we get is we don’t honor the consciousness of this beautiful thing called our body.

It’s kind of like if you’ve ever been on a horse that was at a rental stable. All they do is they walk and they plod in a straight line. Nobody has really ever asked anything of them. They start to get dull.

Your body does the same thing. When you don’t acknowledge its consciousness, you invalidate the consciousness that it is. It can’t create change for you. It can’t do things to change.

You want to say hey body, “If you’re more conscious than I am, what is it that you can show me that I’m not asking of you?

What if today you started asking questions of your body? I wonder what would start to change?

And I wonder if that could be one of the keys to consciousness you’ve been missing?

– Dain

PS. I recently talked about this on a Being You Book Club & Google Hangout. You can watch the replay here:

What is awe – really?

Here’s a short video from film maker Jason Silva on awe…which he describes as “an experience of such perceptual vastnass that you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it.”

What if choosing to go beyond autopilot and step into the ‘wonder of the unknown’ is what could give you access to those explosive moments of awe that reverberate through every cell of your body …. and leave you feeling totally alive?

How Aware Are You Right Now?

December 25, 2013 — 3 Comments

So here we are, in the midst of the holidays, if you happen to live in a part of the world where people celebrate Christmas.

And if you’re not, this is for you too, trust me!

These tools are for any holiday season, really whether there are
jingle bells and snowflakes in the air, these tools can help!

There you have it, You are aware! Way way way more aware than you’ve ever been willing to know! How does it get any better than that? 🙂

Is now the time to unwrap you? Cause you, my amazing beautiful friend, are the gift and the change this world is waiting for! Right now, right here.

Thank you for being.

You, being you, bring JOY TO THE WORLD!


I created a special audio gift of looped clearings that can truly change everything! If you’re not signed up for the Tour of Consciousness email series and would like to receive this extra gift please go here!

I am interested in who WE TRULY BE, beyond the mimick, the mask and image.

In my point of view, it is from that space we can create the future we truly desire and require…since it is from that space we’ll KNOW WHAT THAT IS.

So for me, this tool is a game-changer!

It allows you to start knowing what you know. And be who you be.

What else is possible now?

– Dain