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What if now is the time to let your childlike wonder re-awaken?
What if you are actually on the forefront of change? Right now, right here?
What if YOU are an integral part of creating a different way of functioning in the world?
What if now is the time to thrive in a way that never has been possible before?
What if 2014 is simply the beginning of the possibilities you’ve always hoped to be able to embrace?
What if now is the time for your world to be?

This is for you…from yesterdays Energetic Synthesis of Communion Telecall:

Thank you for being! What else would be possible if we could choose all of us to show up now?

– Dain Heer

I always knew something else was possible – that there must be a different way of being and functioning on this planet than what I saw around me.

I also used to feel like I had to change it alone; that it was all up to me. And if I didn’t do it, the world would never change and it might just devolve and fall apart…

Have you ever felt that way?

I know now that it’s our choice.

Here is a 2 min audio clip from the Awareness Revolution Call #2 on world changing choices:

It’s your choice what you’d like to create as your life. It’s our choice together what we choose to create as our world.

What if you started to ask: If my choice today were to create the world of tomorrow, what would I choose in this situation?

– Dain Heer