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One of the laws of the universe is ask and you shall receive.
You’ve heard of this, yes?

Yet how often do we truly ask?

And if we do ask for something, how often do we feel guilty or shameful or undeserving?

In this TED Talk on “The Art of Asking”, Amanda Palmer talks about connecting with people through the very act of asking. And the power of asking from a space of raw vulnerability.

When we ask of the universe and of others, there is a softness and beauty of the simultaneity of gifting and receiving that can occur. It’s not about being deserving and having to do something to earn it. What if it’s as simple as truly being us and just asking?

As Amanda says, what if we could “face each other and give and receive fearlessly?”

Check out this video for more on the power of asking, and what can show up when we are willing to be seen and truly see others.

Having Someone’s Back

April 18, 2014 — 4 Comments

What does it mean to have someones back? I’ve been exploring this a lot lately, in my own life…

I am so blessed with having people around me that truly has my back. It it is one of the greatest gifts and miracles of my living. The awe I have for what can open up when someone has your back, grows every single day.

So what does it mean?

Well, when someone has your back, they don’t require or expect you to be perfect. They’re present with you whatever you choose in those ten seconds. The good, the bad and the ugly. All of it.

People that truly have your back recognize the greatness of you even during the moments you’re not willing to know or choose it.

And that, my friends, creates the space that allows YOU to see it again and choose it and be it again.

In that moment, the world changes.

What if you were willing to be that for someone today?

What if you were even willing to be that for … you?

– Dain

Have you been noticing any upset or frustration lately? Any overwhelm or unhappiness? And how often, when we have these things come up, do we do what we can to run away and avoid it all? We just want to make it stop!! So we become less and less present in an attempt to get away because it’s really uncomfortable.

How much of the upset, frustration, pissed-off that you’re feeling is actually intensity; an intensity of infinite possibilities? Let me say more…

Perhaps you have been asking the questions, “What else is possible? What else is possible that I haven’t considered? What are the infinite possibilities?” And as you ask these questions, you are moving beyond the finite construct of your mind. You are moving out of the decisions, judgments, decisions and conclusions that have been running your life. You are opening up your awareness to the infinite possibilities that exist in every moment.

As your awareness expands, as you become aware of the energy of infinite possibility, there is an intensity that exists with it. Because we are so familiar with our finite, limited realities, opening up to the infinite possibilities that exist in every moment can, at times, overwhelm our senses. And, rather than being present with that energy, we avoid it. We close down. We run away.

The only way that something can control you is when you are not present for it. So what if you chose to be present with the intensity and embrace it rather than avoiding it?

The pragmatic tools of the day!!

1.     Is there anything bigger than an infinite being? Is there anything that would be overwhelming to an infinite being? Is there anything that would destroy an infinite being?

Just asking these questions brings you back to the awareness that you are NOT finite! You are infinite! And infinite beings who are choosing to BE what they are, are not at the effect of anyone or anything – no matter how intense it may seem.

2.     Has my awareness exceeded my allowance? What would it take for my allowance to catch up to my awareness?

As the awareness of infinite possibilities expands, so does our awareness of everything else! If your allowance is lagging behind, just ask it to expand to match your awareness.

3.     What am I hiding behind me?

If you have been avoiding the intensity, you are locking it in your body. Funny how that works! We avoid, close down and run away thinking that will diminish the intensity when actually it does the opposite. It locks it into our bodies and keeps it there.

Embracing the intensity propels us into the infinite possibilities. Avoiding it keeps us in our finite realities AND creates a rigidity or stiffness in our body. When you ask, “What am I hiding behind me?” you are accessing the capacities, the joy, the brilliance that have been hidden.

Beautiful people!! How potent and brilliant are you? What would it to take for you to acknowledge that? No matter how intense things may be, when you choose to live present, being you in every moment, you can change anything! You can create anything! You can BE anything.

It’s truly the space of infinite possibility— the space of YOU!


What  if you stopped hiding from the intensity of living? And your intensity of BEING?


What if you were willing to be aware of what is REALLY going on? Would you’re life be easier? Would the world have more possibility of…changing?

I am not sure if you noticed, but the world is changing quite rapidly… And when you choose and demand more awareness, you will also be more aware of everything going on around you. That can make your head spin at times. Anyone notice that? Now, what if that is a good thing? What if you were willing to be totally present with everything and spin with it?

One of the things with consciousness is that it actually gives you a sense of presence, a sense of peace and a sense of space. That is one of the big changes a lot of people notice after starting using the Access tools. It doesn’t mean that things are “still” though. In consciousness, nothing is concluded or done, it keeps changing and moving.

People often mistake the idea that consciousness is what we’ve been told in spirituality and metaphysics, where the greatest aim is to be grounded, calm and still —  as though that is “being”.  This is not being, that is just one tiny, tiny aspect of it!

They key, and what the tools of Access offers, is the capacity to be totally present, and not check out. You actually want to be aggressively present with everything around you. You want to have an awareness of whatever is going on and you want to be able to address anything with whatever energy is required to create whatever you want to create, or change in the situation. Aggressive means that no one can take that presence away; in other words, you choose to stay there, being you, no matter what situation you’re in.

And that very presence is also what allows things to happen for more quickly than you ever thought possible. It gives you the capacity to function as the speed of space, within the spinning of the world. What if you started to ask: What space can I be to accomplish this in the ease and speed I truly be?

What could we all create then?

– Dain Heer