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What if the Universe actually has your back? What if somewhere, within, you KNOW that? What if the way it shows up just never ever looks like you think it will — or should?

If you were listening, what would the universe tell you? Well, would you be willing to let go of all expectations and projections of the universe, just for a few minutes? Yes?


Here we go! 7 Thing the Universe would tell you — if you were just listening!

1. You, my friend, are a sleeping giant. There is so much more available in you, as you, for you, than you could ever, ever imagine.

2. Wherever you are at this moment in your life, you’ve done an absolutely brilliant job with the tools you’ve had available. (And what if there are greater tools now?)

3. Yes! All those things you dream about, deep within, they are all actually possible. Trust you!

4. No, you’re not normal, average and real. You are DIFFERENT! And every time you don’t fit in; that is a gift of the different possibility you be.

5. You have a whole new reality to discover and create; your reality. And it is nothing like the one you’ve bought as right, perfect and correct from others. It is, just like you, different.

6. When you are truly being you, you are so amazing that if you were willing to see and acknowledge that, it would blow you away.

7. You are crucial for the future; there are are things only you know, the you’ve refused to know, that if you were willing to now know them, would change the world.

Now you can stop listening again, if you like.

And if you don’t, let me ask you: Are you ready for a date with the universe?

I facilitate Being You, Changing the World Events around the world.

There are giants. And dreamers. And the Universe…

And you?


PS – You can find out more about the Being You Classes by clicking HERE.


Have you ever looked up at the sky or down at the earth and been in awe of this magical, beautiful planet?

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Or the universe? Or the phenomenance of being alive?

So often we look to others for answers. For someone else to explain to us how things work and how we should be in the world.

What if that was one of the greatest limitations we’ve bought in to? What if we come in to this world just knowing and being aware of everything and everyone?

What I’d like to ask you my friends is…

What if you were willing to know that you know?

What if you didn’t have to think or figure anything out? What if you already KNOW?

One of your greatest capacities as a being is your infinite ability to perceive, know, be, and receive. Notice that thinking isn’t one of them?

You may have been using that brilliant mind of yours over and over again, but if it could have figured everything out, wouldn’t it have done so already?!?

As I watched this video of this phenomenal 9 year old boy, I was reminded again of our capacity to KNOW.

So let me ask you my friend – What do you know, that you have been refusing to know, that if you were willing to know it, would change everything?

I wonder what we could create on this planet if we claimed, owned, and acknowledged that we know?

Until next time my friends 🙂



Do you ever feel alone? There have been times when I couldn’t see who is supporting me. At those times, it “feels” like I’m alone.

What if that actually isn’t true? What if there is something way greater having your back?

When I feel this way, I ask the Universe to show me who has my back.

Universe please show me something beautiful today!

And every time I do this, things change.

Here’s an audio clip from the latest Limitless Living call with a clearing to run for those times…

What contribution can the Universe and this beautiful planet be for you today?

– Dain


Consciousness is where everything exists and nothing is judged.   Now, if you take that one sentence and actually apply it to the practicalities of living on this planet right now, apply it to the practicalities of your life, it’s the one element that will change everything.

We’ve been taught is to live in the world of answer and conclusion where anything that doesn’t match this reality is excluded.

This is an invitation to a different way of functioning — from awareness.

When you are functioning from awareness you can truly perceive, receive and know what actually is in a situation.  You can be aware of everything that is going on – and anytime you’re aware of what’s actually going on you can address what’s actually there.  The key is that we come out of conclusion about what the answer is, about what consciousness feels like, about what growth feels like…

Consciousness is the willingness to be aware of everything, connected to everything and have where everything gets to exist without being judged.  One of the things that consciousness allows you to do is actually allow you to be with you no matter where you are and never have to judge it.

Consciousness exists in every molecule in the universe, every molecule of your body has consciousness, every molecule of your clothing has consciousness, every molecule in the universe has consciousness, every molecule on earth has consciousness, every plant, every animal, every tree has consciousness. Our choices collectively change our world.

What do you choose?

– Dr Dain Heer